Stand Up for Women's Health Care: STOP the Abortion Bans

The passage of a total abortion ban in Alabama marked a tipping point.

Anti-choice politicians from Missouri to Alabama to Georgia are trying to overturn Roe v. Wade. And with every abortion ban they pass, they're getting closer to their goal.

These are the same politicians who are tearing families apart at the border, fomenting racist attacks in our communities and dismantling our democracy. Let's be clear: this is about stripping away women's freedom and autonomy. And we're fighting back.

We know that women of color and low-income women are the most affected by bans on abortion. Together, we'll fight back and stop the bans.

Join us by pledging to stand up against this wave of extreme bans on abortion.
I Pledge: to show up, speak out, and fight back against this unconstitutional attempt to gut Roe v. Wade and punish women. Politicians cannot make decisions best left to women, their families, and their doctors.

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