Demand Congress Put an End to White Supremacy Now!

The president and his administration have used their positions of power as a pulpit for hate and inciting violence. We have two choices: we can stay silent and let it continue, or we can act.

This rise in hate, the shameful silence of Senate Republicans, white supremacist violence -- this is not who we are. We can't afford to sit on the sidelines on this.

Take action now and urge Congress to put an end to this violence. Demand action against white supremacy.

The rise in white supremacist violence since Trump has taken office is astounding. Here's what we've seen over the past few years:

  • 84% of people feel that incidents of hate are prevalent in our country.

  • 66% of people feel that incidents of hate are getting worse.

  • According to our Communities Against Hate database, nearly 40% of all hate incidents invoke Trump or Trump-related rhetoric.

These startling numbers correlate with the huge increase in white supremacist violence. In his manifesto, the gunman in El Paso used the hateful tropes recklessly recited on loop by Fox News and the president himself. He is not the first to repeat this rhetoric, and if we don't demand action, he won't be the last.

No more. We need every one of you with us. Join the Leadership Conference and demand Congress put an end to white supremacy now.
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