Tell Mitch McConnell: Ban The Box and Give Everyone A Fair Shot

The late Congressman Elijah Cummings, my friend and beloved colleague, believed that your past should not prevent you from your future. That's one of the reasons Congressman Cummings co-sponsored "The Fair Chance Act," a bipartisan bill that would ban the conviction history box on job applications for federal contractors.

But now Mitch McConnell is REFUSING to hold a vote on this legislation in the Senate, all while widespread discrimation continues for those who've served their time.

Too often, the formerly incarcerated are automatically rejected before given an opportunity to jumpstart their new lives. Their odds of successfully reentering society diminish, and they can begin a vicious cycle of unemployment and repeat criminal activity. Banning the box gives everyone a chance to climb the career ladder.

I'm fighting to ban the box because I know the outcomes will be positive for both employees and businesses. At my retail company, banning the box resulted in fewer theft, less turnover, lower rates of tardiness, and more dedicated staff.

Banning the box is not just a political slogan — it's been proven to reduce crime and help people with criminal records achieve a better life.

Let's honor Congressman Elijah Cummings' legacy on criminal justice and support our current efforts to push this legislation through blatant Republican inaction. Sign on now and tell Mitch McConnell to stop blocking this important bill from a vote in the Senate.
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