Tell the Trump Administration: Restore Human Rights for Children!

Our president is already locking kids in cages -- and now his only concern is that they may not be behind bars long enough.

It took decades to agree that immigrant children in government custody deserve basic humanitarian rights and to not live a life locked up indefinitely. In 60 days these basic protections will be all gone. But not only that. Guaranteed access to food, drinking water, medical assistance -- things that you and I often take for granted -- will no longer be required.

Children deserve better than this. Show your outrage right now and urge the administration to restore human rights for children!

Despite public outcry, the administration is moving ahead with putting an end to the Flores Agreement, a decades-old settlement that ensures constitutional protections for children in immigrant detention facilities.

Without the protection of Flores, the government could hold immigrant children, even infants, indefinitely and in prison-like conditions. This is not a left or right side of the aisle issue, it's a moral one.

With no mandate for standards of care, we are going to see more sickness, more violations of childrens' rights, more deaths.

Take action today and urge the Trump Administration to keep the Flores Agreement in place!

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