Thank President Biden for Revoking the Ban on Equity Trainings!

At United Way for Southeastern Michigan, we're committed to advancing equity and we're grateful that President Biden has demonstrated this shared value by revoking a harmful executive order on his first day in office.

In order to combat the deep-seated racial and gender biases and history of systemic racism within our nation, companies and organizations like United Way are working to increase equity trainings. But an executive order issued by President Trump in September prohibited these trainings and banned concepts like white privilege, intersectionality, systemic racism, positionality, racial humility, and unconscious bias.

 This executive order impacted federal agencies, the military, federal contractors, and federal grantees, including United Way for Southeastern Michigan and other nonprofits that receive federal grant dollars.

At a time when our nation is fraught with tension and conflict, our communities need an opportunity to heal through positive change and support. Thankfully, President Biden issued an executive order revoking this ban on his first day in office, allowing our communities to move forward with addressing racial and gender bias inequities.

Join us in thanking President Biden for revoking this anti-bias training ban as one of his first actions in office!

Dear President Biden,

We are writing today to thank you for taking a stand for equity by revoking the executive order banning anti-bias training as one of your first actions as President.

We recognize these anti-bias trainings as a necessary tool in the fight against systemic racism and other issues of inequity in our communities. That is why we were alarmed by the executive order from the Trump administration seeking to halt these efforts by withholding federal funding from any entity that hosts or participates in racial sensitivity or implicit bias training. This ban would have had wide-reaching impacts, chilling diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at local, regional, and national levels alike.

As our nation continues to struggle with a legacy of systemic oppression and works toward understanding and overcoming the social and economic inequities it creates, we are grateful that you recognize the value these anti-bias trainings can bring to our communities and would like to thank you for your quick action in revoking this executive order.

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