Stand with college students. Support better student loan refinancing!

Student debt is a plague, and it's affecting both young and old. For young people, it hurts their chances at a stable economic life, not to mention the damage it is doing to our economy as a whole.

Over 44 million Americans collectively hold nearly $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. That's more than total credit card debt. How can we expect young people to buy homes, start families, create businesses if they are saddled with this debt?

College education is increasingly becoming a prerequisite to getting a good, high-paying job. We need to be incentivizing college, and making it more affordable. It is essential that we take steps to both support repayment by current borrowers and increase public investment to drive down the costs associated with attending public colleges and universities.

Rufus Gifford is running for Congress in Massachusetts' 3rd congressional district to stand up for the underdogs, like those who have been hurt by crippling student loan debt.

Will you join Rufus's movement to stand with hard-working college students across America and fight for better student loan refinancing and college accessibility?
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