Tell the New Congress and Administration to Invest in Skills Training!

50 million Americans — almost 30% of the workforce — have filed for unemployment since the start of the pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of workers will need new skills to get into good-paying jobs that support their families. And those struggling to hang on need immediate relief until the economy recovers.

The White House and the 117th Congress can't waste any time getting our country back on track. Skills training must be on the agenda in the first, critical, 100 days of the new administration. If we invest in skills training now, that means workers will be ready to start new jobs when the economy gets going again.

Those who were already suffering inequities — women, people of color, immigrants — have shouldered the burden of this recession in ways never seen before in modern American history.

Sign the petition today and tell the new Congress and administration we need skills training for an inclusive economic recovery.
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