Pledge to fight for our future.

Too often, the voices and priorities of young people of color in Georgia are left out of the conversation. Our communities have been historically disenfranchised.

That MUST change. We need leaders in Georgia who will stand up for and include young people of color at the center of their policy agendas.

Our future depends on us doing our part to support leaders who value our communities and fight for our issues. Canceling student debt, fighting climate change, providing COVID-19 relief, reforming the criminal justice system, and other big issues are in the hands of the leaders we elect.

We need to stand up and have our voices heard to make sure that our top issues are being prioritized by our leaders in Georgia. Voting matters. Holding our elected leaders accountable matters. Being a part of the political process matters.

We need to fight like our future depends on it, because it does. Make a pledge to be a part of Georgia's future and add your name here.
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