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The increased volume of speeding traffic along Aragon Drive, Loma Alta and surrounding streets of the Rolando Park neighborhood poses a dangerous and imminent risk to pedestrians, bicyclists, and residents. Because Aragon is a through route from Highway 94 to University Avenue, it in particular bears much of the increased traffic burden. From huge semi trucks to motorcycles, the traffic is nearly endless and, more often than not, speeding.

This has resulted in multiple incidents of parked cars being side-swiped and many parents of young kids being frightened for their kids' safety. Angry verbal exchanges have become common. Our concern is that a child could be struck next.


Increase safety for adult/child pedestrians and bicyclists on Aragon, Loma Alta, and surrounding streets;
Reduce the volume of vehicles traveling between Highway 94 and University Avenue;
Reduce the speed of vehicles traveling throughout Rolando Park, particularly Aragon and Loma Alta;
Reduce side-swiping of parked cars;
Restore the feeling of well-being and social street activities in the neighborhood.

Possible Solutions:

A 15-mph speed limit on Aragon Drive between Marlowe and Celia Vista;
Speed humps on Aragon Drive between Marlowe and Celia Vista;
A traffic study of Aragon Drive and the surrounding streets to determine if current vehicular flow rate exceeds daily capacity limits.

The Rolando Park Safe Traffic Alliance is optimistic that if we all work together various traffic calming measures may be implemented that will result in increased public safety and a sense wellbeing for all residents of the Rolando Park subdivision.

When completed this petition will be forwarded to office of 9th District Councilman Sean Elo-Rivera and the Police Department.

Thank you!

Signera petitionen
Signera petitionen
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