A demand that Major League Baseball vacate the 2017 World Series title

We, the undersigned, in view of the blatantly inexcusable actions of the Houston Astros, who cheated their way into winning the 2017 World Series championship; in view of the Houston Astros' near total lack of remorse over this matter to the point where news media critics have labeled them as "cowards" and "idiots"; and in view of the attitude of the Astros' owner who actually said that the cheating tactics "didn't impact the game"; do hereby demand that Major League Baseball immediately vacate forever the 2017 World Series championship. We furthermore demand that the Houston Astros surrender to Major League Baseball all momentos of the 2017 World Series championship, such as trophies, pennants and photos…all of which should be obtained by Major League Baseball and subsequently destroyed. Should the Boston Red Sox be ruled guilty of cheating to win the 2018 World Series title, we demand that Major League Baseball punish that team similarly.

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