Letter to Cabrillo Unified School District Board of Directors - Save Kings Mountain Elementary School

November 21, 2019

Cabrillo Unified School Board
Superintendent Sean McPhetridge
498 Kelly Ave.
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Dear CUSD Board Members and Superintendent McPhetridge,

We, the residential Kings Mountain Community, would like to share with you our compassion for the Cabrillo Unified School District for the challenge you are faced with in dealing with the current budget deficit, and thank you for your time serving our communities. We would also like to share our concern regarding the potential closure of our beloved neighborhood school, Kings Mountain Elementary.

KMES is not just a school, it is one of the pillars of our community. The school is embedded in our roots and is part of Kings Mountain's identity. KMES was established in 1949 and has been serving our community as the only local public school for over 70 years.

The school has a deep meaning to many. It not only offers the alternative school environment some children in the district really benefit from, it's the neighborhood school that generations of families have been attending and supporting either financially, or through their hard work volunteering every Labor Day Weekend at the Kings Mountain Art Fair (whose proceeds benefit the school). It is a community tradition that parents, staff, alumni and neighbors come together to bake thousands of cookies for the annual school fundraiser. It is also a part of our community to the degree that teams of volunteers work year-round to make sure that the event is successful and expresses the love we have for our environment and the men, women and children that make it so wonderful.

The Kings Mountain community is built around fostering the growth of our youth and supporting our neighbors, we consider the coastside part of our larger community. We openly welcome all students into our school, and enjoy the shared community connection to the wider coastside that has been created through our connection with CUSD.

We understand the importance of a thriving school and school district, and when there are CUSD bonds and measures, the Kings Mountain community comes forth with their votes and support.

This is not the first time that we have been confronted with the potential closure of Kings Mountain Elementary. If you decide to shut the school, you will deeply devastate and further isolate an already rural community that CUSD is responsible for serving. Taking away our only local public school option will have long term impacts on our community, but, above all else, closing the school site will remove an important tie that binds our mountain community to the wider coastside.

We hope that you will take our concerns into consideration, and look forward to partnering with CUSD to find solutions and explore ways to make KMES more accessible to all students on the coastside.


The Kings Mountain Community

Uppdatera #17 månader sedan
Thank you so much, everyone, for signing this community letter! Whether you signed on line or the hard copy, we were able to lay this letter in front of the board members and tell them, we have a strong community!

The CUSD Board has decided to take 'closing KMES' off the table!

For all the people that worked extremely hard to keep KMES open, and from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT!

- Emily

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