Belgium demands EXIT W.H.O.

  • av: Benjamin Vangheluwe
  • mottagare: directed to the highest Minster in Belgium and the European Union and representatives

Belgium has the authority to abstain from the World Health Organisation (WHO) plan. It is negotiated in secret and drafted without public agreement.
Exiting simply succeeds, when the Minister or President writes a letter to WHO saying; "Our country rejects these amendments. Our nation desires to leave the WHO".

We, people in Belgium and around the world, are clear that it is not ok to sign agreements and treaties with the WHO, as this is not a democratically chosen organisation, and consequently, it isn't democratically accountable; It means the WHO can do and decide on about anything without the will of the people.

At the present day, unelected, unknown and unaccountable WHO-delegates, out of the 194 member-nations, secretly take for themselves the sole decision right to propose and implement new regulations (amendments), and adapt these into the International Health Regulations (IHR), by which it becomes International Law. And this is happening without parliamentary vote, while no information or sufficient information is given to our government officials, nor we citizens.

Next to the amendments still under negotiation, the amendments that WERE adapted last year in May 2022 have yet to even be discussed.

Hereby, people of Belgium let our government know that it is not OK to be signing WHO-agreements without the approval of the Belgian people. Numerous sensible people around the world seek to nullify the WHO operation.

WHO truly constitutes a global power grab, which is to become irreversible and binding, changing itself from a recommending organisation to a mandating all-comprising world dictatorship.

The amendments are full of undefined criteria and unprecedented human rights violations, including but "not limited to"; an all-comprising money making pyramid structure called "Benifit Sharing System", with widespread surveillance systems, privatisation, inclusion and support of "non-state actors" and all this without conflict of interest. The Director-General, Tedros Adhanom, has given itself the sole power to declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHIEC); including amending vaccination certificats, violating freedom of speech & effective censorship for those who oppose WHO, declaring "infodemics", even shutting down the internet, while violating medical freedom, medical decision-making, the right to be sufficiently and effectively (medically) informed, incentivising health care workers and hospitals, and the medical industrial complex, ignoring existing science and implementing new binding science, with novel testing & test certificats, isolation and quarantining, transport restriction, restrictions on indispensable goods and necessities etc. The list is endless and ever expanding.

Hereby, people in Belgium call a halt and demand consideration to our highest authority on a Parliamentary vote concerning the WHO-amendments, including those which have been adapted already since last year in May 2022, and reject these, followed up by an immediate Exit of the WHO.

Our time is limited! All signatories must be collected befor october Share this petition and immediately, with your family, friends, social media and everbody you know!

Follow up the work of James Roguski and inform yourself & contact publishers and your government officials.rd

25.000 Signatures are sought for. Your Signaturisation is required!

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