Demand LDS Church Drop Charges Against Woman Who Protested Against Sex Abuse!

  • av: Llowell Williams
  • mottagare: Church of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City prosecutors

Last year, Crystal Legionaires disrupted the Church of Latter Day Saints' General Conference in Salt Lake City by shouting that the church should "Stop protecting sexual predators!"

Legionaires is now facing criminal charges for her act of protest, after prosecutors pursued legal action at the Mormon Church's behest.

Increasingly, Mormon women are coming out to share their stories of being sexually assaulted by church members then being cowed into silence. The most visible instance of this has become the case of McKenna Denison, who has filed a civil lawsuit against the church for her alleged rape by a senior church member in 1984.

Instead of continuing its pattern of silencing the survivors of sexual abuse and their allies, the Church of Latter Day Saints must adopt a zero tolerance stance toward victimizers.

Add your name to this petition to call on the Mormon Church and Salt Lake City prosecutors to drop the criminal charges against Crystal Legionaires, a worthy first step toward finally making things right!

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Signera petitionen
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