Who will support the cause to purchase the Chattanooga Harriet Tubman Site for the Advancement of the critically struggling Area 3 Communities?

    The communities in our Chattanooga Area 3 are struggling tremendously with low academic achievement in our schools, drugs, violence and crime in our streets and a lack of our governments support where needs of the communities are most prevalent. Harriet Tubman was once a neighborhood housing development in the area that contributed, for many years, to much of the crime, violence, etc. that took place, because of the poverty, a lack of education and local support of our governments to the neighborhood and surrounding communities. To no prevail of the concerned long time Area 3 residents, neighborhood community leaders and activists, etc., efforts and support to change the conditions of the neighborhood and area communities, ultimately, the death of the Harriet Tubman development occurred. It(Tubman site) was sold to the City of Chattanooga, in the year of 2014 for the purpose of redevelopment, to support at the time, a great need of or lack of jobs in the area. Fortunately, since almost 5 years ago the neighborhood leaders, etc., with support of the area local government(s), the area has acquired some funds and created programs that includes the participation of several companies or employers that are willing to offer jobs to the communities residents and now the area communities are more interested in the opportunity to use the Community Tubman Site as a multi development project or enterprise to develop to the advancement of the community that will contribute to the area residents in a way that will not only bring an intense, reforming style of education to people in the area, who are ready for positive and life giving changes, but will also present an opportunity for residents to invest in themselves and their communities in a way that will be rewarding to their immediate and distant future that has never exist in the area before. Retaining the historical name of the property(Harriet Tubman) is just as important to the residents of the communities as the development of it is. So, i am asking that whosoever will, support the cause and need to purchase the Harriet Tubman Site to the avail and request of the Chattanooga Area 3 community residents and in return, i believe that Chattanooga as a whole will benefit from the decision, in a very positive and unprecedented way that will be fulfilling and will bring a positive impact to our city that we have needed for a long time. Thanks in advance!
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