Tell Governor Lombardo: Your veto will cause suffering for terminally ill Nevadans

Despite both chambers of the Nevada Legislature and 82% of Nevadans supporting access to medical aid in dying, Gov. Joe Lombardo overrode the will of the Legislature and the will of the people by vetoing the Nevada End of Life Options Act. Terminally ill Nevadans like our storytellers Linda Brooks-Bracey and Hanna Olivas, both mothers dying of cancer, deserve a peaceful end of life.

Lombardo denied them that compassionate option and decided that the government should instead make healthcare decisions for those in the Battle Born State.

Tell him: Your veto is actively causing suffering for terminally ill Nevadans.
Dear Governor Lombardo: 

Despite the overwhelming support of Nevada voters, you made a partisan and self-serving decision to deny compassionate end-of-life care decisions in our state by vetoing the Nevada End of Life Options Act. I am incredibly disappointed that you ignored the facts of why this policy is desperately needed, the Legislature's thorough examination of it and decision to pass this critical bill, and the will of the people on this issue.

The government should not dictate which healthcare options people in the Battle Born State can choose for themselves. When this critical and compassionate legislation is in front of you again, I urge you to make the right choice and sign it.

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