What She Knows Matters: Let's Commit to Aid that Listens

We need to make sure women have a say in decisions that affect them. Women who are forced to flee should find safe havens, not more danger.

If we are serious about leading the world with a feminist approach, Canada needs to further commit to funding aid that listens to women in conflict-affected countries. Tell Minister Freeland, Minister Bibeau, and the Canadian government to take immediate action to:

  • Dedicate 15% of Canada's international humanitarian assistance to specific Gender in Emergencies work 
  • Fulfill Canada's commitment to direct 25% of international humanitarian assistance to local and national organizations by 2020 
  • Commit to having 1/4 of this commitment go directly to local women's rights actors 
  • Release a feminist foreign policy and humanitarian policy that outlines Canada's feminist approach overseas to ensure women in conflict have a say in the decisions that affect them 

To ensure that women in conflict are not just protected, but powerful, Canada must further commit to aid that listens. We need your voice.
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