Sign now to help us end violence against women and girls

One in three women around the world will experience violence in their lifetime, you can help change this. Gender-based violence refers to violence, or the threat of violence, against women and girls, by individuals, communities, and institutions. A woman of any age, class, economic status, or culture group may experience gender-based violence during her lifetime.

A woman's response to abuse is often limited by the options available to her. Women in low- and middle-income countries note that the stigma linked to being unmarried can be a barrier to leaving a relationship. Other barriers include lack of economic independence, lack of family/community support, hope that the man will change, fear of worse violence. Though violence has always been present, the world does not have to accept it as an inevitable part of human life. Factors that contribute to violence can be addressed. Attitude and behaviour can be changed. Social, economic, political, and cultural conditions can be changed. Violence can be prevented.

The Salvation Army is taking a stand for women and girls to see gender justice a reality across the globe. Will you join us? Show your support of The Salvation Army's work by signing our petition today.

Globally, we are working with communities to ensure women and girls have a safe place to feel welcomed and listened to. You can help us ensure that our guidance and help reach those in need.
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Signera petitionen
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