Join with Reading Is Fundamental to Stop the Literacy Gap

America's literacy crisis has reached epidemic proportions. Millions of children are affected each year by a never-ending cycle of educational disadvantage. 

And we're moving in the wrong direction. In 2019, reading performance for both 4th and 8th graders dropped from just two years before. An alarming 65% of 4th graders and 66% of 8th graders aren't reading proficiently.

Children living in poverty fare worse. Two-thirds of them don't have books in their homes and by the time they start 1st grade, half of them test up to two years behind other students.

If we don't take immediate action, the literacy gap will expand even further.

Experts in children's literacy have found that access to high-quality books is essential for children to develop good reading skills.

Reading Is Fundamental is providing millions of children each year with books, but we need your help to stop the literacy gap.  

Add your name – ensure all children have access to books today!

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Signera petitionen
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