Join Mike to make higher education more equitable and accessible!

At its best, higher education serves as an engine of social mobility and a pathway to the middle class. But our current system is not fulfilling that promise.

Americans owe over $1.5 trillion in federal student loan debt, and employers say many graduates haven't been taught the skills needed for workplace success.

Mike's plan ensures cost is not a barrier to a quality post-secondary education. It provides students with credentials to equip them for middle-income jobs, gives talented low-income students the opportunities they deserve, and reforms the student-loan system so no one pays more than they can afford.

How Mike Will Get It Done:
  • Make two-year public college tuition-free for all and debt-free for the lowest-income students
  • Make four-year college tuition-free and debt-free for the lowest-income students and make a four-year education highly affordable for middle-class families
  • Reduce the cap on federal undergraduate student-loan payments – and make it possible for students to pay back just what they can afford
  • Help two-thirds of Americans complete degrees or credentials to acquire the skills needed for good-paying jobs in the next decade
Join Mike Bloomberg's campaign today and let's ensure that higher education is more equitable and accessible for more Americans.
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