Lance Ealy has been sentenced for credit card fraud and given an enhanced sentence as retaliation and reprisal by judges micheal r barer and federal judge Thomas h aw. I

  • av: Larry Ealy
  • mottagare: generally public media and the US Supreme Court

Lance Ealy was charged and found guilty for credit card fraud in 2014 he was given an illegal 12 year sentence the federal government claims they are the injured party this is a direct lie and conspiracy to incarcerate African Americans if he had injured somebody they would have come forward by now if Lance  Ealy was legally guilty his maximum sentence was 33 months.

Judge Barrett used a ruling by the US Supreme Court called United vs Booker to enhance his detention.

White federal judges appointed by Georgia W. Bush have been ordered to give black people 20 percent more time than whites for the same or lesser charges than any other race.

Thousands of people like Lance Ealy are victims of a political policy orchestrated by racists and biased officials this must end and justice served.

The orders of the Supreme Court and the Executive order of George W. Bush have been challenged and must be abolished for good.

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