Save Lives: Empower Local Health Care Workers

Welcoming a child to the world can be a scary prospect - but for new mothers with access to the support and care they need it can also be a truly joyful one.

Unfortunately, too many women around the world don't have access to those resources. For women who lack access to good maternal health care far too often childbirth isn't just frightening - it's deadly.

1,000 women die from the consequences of pregnancy and childbirth on a daily basis, while 16,000 children under 6 years of age die from disease, according to the World Health Organization

There is hope, though, and it doesn't take massive infrastructure or an extensive health care system to turn the tide.

According to the WHO, something as simple as a single skilled birth attendant caring for the mother and the newborn can stop many of these preventable deaths.

Well-trained local healthcare workers, (whether they are midwives, birth attendants, nursing support personnel) can and do save woman's lives every day - but only if women have access to their skill and support. That's why it's so important to spread awareness and raise support for programs that train local healthcare workers within the communities that need their help most.

Take action today: Add your name to stand with Project HOPE and the work they do to provide training, tools and support systems local healthcare workers need to stop preventable death from pregnancy and childbirth.
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