• by: Jim Bale
  • recipient: Judge Nancy Pollard, Family Law Judge/Domestic Violence, Orange County Family Court
Woman are using false Domestic Violence accusations and Restraining Orders as weapons against Fathers.
Imagine this.... My wife and I separate and file for Divorce. I tell her and the court that I want JOINT PHYSICAL CUSTODY of our children. I know that because of my work, I would not be able to physically have the children 50% of the time but this would allow me some flexibility in seeing the kids. My wife is angry and bitter about the impending divorce so she finds a weapon to use against me. It is called the Family Court System. She tells them that I am a threat to her and/or our children. Then without any evidence or testimony from anyone, she is granted a Restraining Order against me. I am not only NOT allowed to see my own children, I am also ordered to attend weekly Domestic Violence classes for 1 year at a cost of $40 per class. I ask Judge Nancy Pollard of Orange County Family Court, on what grounds is she taking away my rights as a Father and branding me as a violent person. She said that all the evidence she needs to make her decision is to believe that my wife is actually in fear of me in some way. I told her that that was ridiculous. I said that I would become a criminal just for trying to see my own kids. She told me to shut up or be charged with contempt.
During my 15 years of marriage, there was NEVER any incident of Domestic Violence. I was (and still am) a caring loving Father
who was voted Father of the Year by my Daughters Girl Scout Troop. My kids went to Catholic School and played sports. I was
very much involved in their lives even though I work an average of 60 hours per week.
Even though I was so graciously granted a MONITORED 2 hour visit every other Saturday by Judge Pollard, I was still ordered
to pay a large amount of Child Support. Even with the meager visitation rights I was given, my wife still "missed" several of the
visits until I had to go to the local Police and file a report.
I have no problem paying Child Support. I have a problem with a court system that plays into a bitter woman's hands and allows her to continue to use our children as weapons against their own father. In my opinion, this is tantamount to Child Abuse.
Now we are talking about Parental Alienation Syndrome. She is not only keeping my children from me but she is turning them
against me in every way. She will not be happy until they feel the same way about me as she does. This should be a crime!
I know from talking to people and reading and reading a lot that I am not alone here. There are many of you Fathers that are going through similar situations. I feel for you. Something must be done to stop the abuse of the Family Court Systems and give Fathers equal custody and visitation rights!
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