Romney: Don't Pretend You Know Me

Mitt Romney thinks he has me pegged. In a leaked recording, the Republican presidential nominee told a bunch of rich GOP donors what he thinks an Obama voter is really like. According to Romney, I'm one of the 47% that thinks of myself as a "victim." I'm "dependent on the government" and he's furious that I have the audacity to think I'm "entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing."

Since when is it a bad thing to think in the richest country on earth that I should be able to eat and not sleep under a bridge?

Romney's right about one thing: There are a lot of Americans who will vote for Barack Obama for president no matter what -- and I'm one of them. But that's not because I'm a victim of anything.

Mitt Romney owes me -- and every person who supports the President -- an apology. Join me and demand that Mitt Romney take back his outrageous and out of touch insults.
Hey Mitt --

You think you're the best person to lead the United States for the next four years. But there is no way I want some as coldhearted as you to be my president. I'm one of the 47 percent of people you think will vote for Obama no matter what, and I heard what you told some of your wealthy donors about about me.

Let me straighten things out for you. I do not think I'm a victim of anything and I am not dependent on the government. Since when is it "entitled" to think I shouldn't starve, sleep under a bridge or die of a common infection when I live in the richest country on earth.

You're right about one thing: I'm certainly not going to vote for you, but that's not because I'm a victim or dependent on the government. I want a president who believes in fairness, education, opportunity and doing more with the job than lavishing his wealthy friends and campaign donors with even more tax breaks that this country can't afford.

You owe me, and every American who supports the president and the type of country he stands for, an apology. We're waiting.
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