Enforce the Anti-Terrorism Act

Innocent Americans have been killed or injured by terrorists who have been released from prison in Israel.  Yet, the United States has failed to prosecute any of these violent criminals, including the ones recently released in exchange for the kidnapped soldier, Gilad Shalit.  By signing this petition, you are standing up for the rights of the victims of terror -- and justice itself. 

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that you immediately indict, seek extradition for and prosecute the violent felons who have killed or injured American nationals but have been released from prison in exchange for the kidnapped Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit.

Hundreds of violent criminals have been released from Israeli prisons and more are soon to be released.  While many of these felons have admitted to targeting innocent civilians and killing American citizens, the Office of Justice of Victims of Overseas Terrorism (“OJVOT”), and the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) has failed to prosecute any of them.  

We are concerned that the reason for this failure is politics, pure and simple.

Specifically, there have been at least 71 cases of Palestinian terror attacks with American casualties in and around Israel, but neither the DOJ nor the OJVOT nor any other branch of the United States government has ever prosecuted a single terrorist in any of these cases. 

In the most recent example of this failure, none of the 477 “prisoners” released in October (in "exchange" for Shalit), have been prosecuted, despite the fact that a significant number of released prisoners were involved in attacks in which innocent American citizens were killed or wounded.

Another 550 “prisoners” – including criminals that conspired in attacks with American victims – are set to be released on Sunday.

            Below is just a sampling of the horrific nature of those released in October:

  • On August 9, 2001, Judy Greenbaum of Passaic, New Jersey was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem.  Ahlam Aref Ahmad Tamimi was given 16 life sentences in Israel for her role in planning the attack and bringing the terrorist to the Sbarro pizza bombing in the center of Jerusalem.  She was released by Israel this October and is currently residing in Jordan where she is extremely popular and in demand for speaking engagements.  She has confessed on tape in an interview taken in an Israeli prison before her release, in which she expressed satisfaction over the fact that her actions led to the death of eight children, and said that, “if given the opportunity, she would not hesitate to do the same thing, over again.”  Jordan has an extradition treaty with the United States.

  • On March 21, 2002, Yehonathon Bauer was seriously wounded by shrapnel to the head during a suicide attack on King George Street in Jerusalem. Sana’a Muhammed Hussein Sh’hadeh and Qahara Al-Saadi were two women guides who brought the bomber downtown.  Each received a life sentence, was released in October and is living near Jerusalem.  A third attacker, Darwish Ghazi Darwish Dahdar, is set to be released on Sunday.

  • On July 31, 2002, Dina Carter was murdered in the Sinatra Cafeteria of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Walid al-Hadi Anjas was convicted of his role in the crime, given numerous life sentences and was also released in October of this year.

            The number of American victims stands at 54 killed and 83 wounded.  As you know, it is a federal crime to kill a national of the United States, even on foreign soil.  While OJVOT has assisted in the indictment of one terrorist murderer of a Christian missionary in Indonesia and you (correctly) condemned the release of the “Lockerbie bomber” by Scottish authorities, you have done nothing – to our knowledge – to prosecute terrorists who target Americans in Israel.

“Politics has no place – no place – in the impartial and effective administration of justice.”  This courageous statement rings as true today as it did when you made it last June.  But the United States government has failed to follow this fundamental principle.
We submit that it is your moral duty to change this.

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