End of Ungovernability in Brazil and End of the political, anti-democracy and anti-politics persecution system and end of the system of colonial republic, dictatorial, civil and military, judiciary, Brazilian legislative secularism.

For the task of donating to found a new political party and organization to depose the ungovernability and revolutionary process and war, intelligence presidential election dispute.

For a new and total customary and constitutional government and justice project with broad application and intellectual property of labor economic sciences.

Incumbent upon the most learned understandings and intelligence of the truths in science of human tendencies and higher standards in democratic economic development and life with having and integrated throughout life and changes both in computing and individual and or collective agreements of the civil political person legally living in the incumbent and compensatory contract always based on the scientific function of the paid professional work project and management of economic and environmental guarantees in the field of better quality and quantification. With total alterations and destruction of this situation unmanageable and anachronistic yet subtle and boringly ridiculous.
Signature and donate amounts to found my most cult and smart POLITICAL PARTY OF ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY of world economy and innovations for broad and interesting development under world application with understanting production perception and international negotiations and compliance. Agnostic.

I accept financial donations,for companies, corporations, banking, fundations,government and peoples of the USA, Deutschland, Dnmark, Estonie, Hungary, Japan, Great Euro, Spanish, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine. Norway, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Czec Republic, Uruguay, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, Australia, New Zeland, Colombia, Ecuador, Greece, Mongolia, Slovakia, South Korea, North Korea, Palestine, Austria, Peru, Costa Rica, Cuba, Honduras, Afghanistan, French Guianas, Romania, Chekoslovakia, Luxembourg, Pakistan, Cazakistan, Lithuani, Poland, groelandie, Islandia, England, Ireland, Scotland and International Organizations, Activists, Activists organizations and companies industry , agribusness, Scientists,Teachers, intellectual Person, Military trainning, Government , Army, National Democratic Party, Independent Party- USA and People Population, World Political Party Found
Film industry, Audiovisual, companies, governments and business, marketing, corporate political executives and film organizations, artists, musicians, classical music, rock, blues jazz, nativists, instrumental, meditation, erudite, opera, dances, arts, communication, agribusiness, engineering, philosophy, philology, political sciences, economics, administration, international law, national, environment, human rights, national and international cour, science companies, Space, oil, chemical, mining, professionals autonomous scientific researcher liberal, intellectual , ecologists, classic fashion, modern fashion, top models, Beautiful and Pretty women, athletes, athletes' clubs and organizations, schools, universities, fighters, martial arts, entrepreneurs and professionals specializing in the Cannabis Sativa industry and culture, business and other crops of alkaloids and freedoms. Food scientists, pharmacy, biomolecular genetic intelligence and sciences forensic criminal expertise, paleogenetics, archeology, astrophysicist, astronomy paleontology, linguistics, languages, immigrations, history of civilizations and ancestry, agnostic, ethnolinguistics, natural sciences, naturalistic philosophical literature, cinematographic, fiction, documentary, pornography, war, intelligence, informatics, computing, artistic and artificial intelligence. digital, electronics, design, architecture, economic culture and Vikings, Saxon, Ascendency European Germanic Iberian, Üralic German, Finn, Saomi, population and studies in public administration and management, astronautics, nuclear physics, agricultural zoology, economic development, customary rights, women's, children, rome statute international treaties and conventions of rights, defense of borders sanitary phytosanitary, maritime, combat, Veterans of all wars and descendants.
Companies of philanthropic American, European and world billionaires, millionaires and rich, heirs of fortunes, investors, interested in the party, friends and friends, lawyers and international offices, players, athletes, women's sports, defenders of human rights, nature, economic environments , more cult and personal dignity independent, technicians, technologists, warriors, cult organization cinematographic artists and others, sprinters, automakers, airline pilots and companies, airlines, naval, railroads, workers in general, defenders of better wages and decent food, life and have, of war, revolution, against corrupt governments and provincial republic medieval colonialism against development and humanities of economic rights, hippies, punk, dark, yupies,underground cult, urban tribes, intellectual sub cultures, children Power students, athletes scientific of democratic organization people of men and women project Economic culture and Kaizen philosophy, Innovation, Scientific imagination, scientific and cultural criticism, social fusion cult and seriality, victims of war, victims of crimes, victims of terrorism, kidnapping, victims of Latin American dictatorships, apolitical, militarism in the Brazilian, Portuguese, Chilean scenario, Democratic Organization Project and Children`s Freedom and Cult Power, in General Sciences, Students and Athletes of Executive Policy and Training in Inteligence, Defense and Higher Genetics.
Deposition of the government and commitment to a revolucionary political process economic of change with the resilience and incumbency of a agreement of war against the Brazilian government.

CONTACT WITH leandrodimitry@hotmail.com
For ideology of thought or typical Brazilian or for personal interests or lack of knowledge of what is government justice with governability, that is, they know nothing about economic policy and production in the globalized market economy and business in the present day and human and civil rights of people and democratic constitutional customary and freedom with fulfillment of conscience in the most diverse sectors and environments for the application and cultural of broad development and scientific and cultural multidisciplinarity ethnic and intellectual property, but they still do not know what it is to be a political executive of the work and applications of the professionality and what is meant by economic development budgets by public and private companies. They do not know what defense of rights and internal security is, the legality and legality of laws and obligations of compliance and execution by governments, without violence and violations of freedom and violations of rights. They do not know what errand and organization mean with better standard or level of administrative method and scientific observation, and they do not know what are adjustable natural tendency and qualities for life and purchasing power for maintenance of life.
Anyone who supports these governments in Brazil and active political parties is very ignorant and uneducated to know that there are no perspectives, but deceptions due to fallacies of all classes and areas of science, which will not be considered and carried out by Brazilian ungovernability and civil political dictatorial system and military trained to repress the Brazilian population and not for national defense and the citizen who is born in Brazil and foreigners are legally and without criminality. The objective is to identify these important attributes and verify if they support or not the end of these deceivers supported by mafias and population without domain of the political culture and dominated to vote in the errors always, aiming hopes that the rupture of the implanted corrupt system never happens and the deserving of the civil service in the 4 levels of mercenary power of the executive, judiciary, legislative and Brazilian military undemocratic and boring against political and organizational reforms of the public administration with truly intelligent governments and recognition in the national and international superior standard. Signing the initial petition will help to recognize society's understandings and intentions in line with new ideas and austerity with the revolutionary process of preventing the continuity of these governments and systematic utopian pragmatism of scoundrels and constant mistakes with low levels of quality of life and required development and constitutional. In these amendments the magna constitution and maximum legal authority will be modified and revised. New projects that value people and business entrepreneurs and qualified professionals in the closest to the most developed nations in the world, such as the USA, Canada, Nordic countries, Europe, Japan and others. Paradigms and aggregation of value to people with protected human rights and baccalaureate and licentiate studies conquered with the responsibility of these scientists by governments, recognized at an equivalent level in the rights of the word and effectively proving authenticity and competences through the course of work done and economically compensable .

For problems related to ungovernability in Brazil for maintaining a wrong provincial orthodox system of the old fascist Republic and public corruption of the dominating powers and doctrine still without changes in people's thinking without valuing humanity disconnected from reality and the perfidence of rulers and politicians, of the judiciary and the legislature and the Brazilian armed forces and the remnants of the apolitical military dictatorship of terrorism and against humanity and the civil government, with all the culpability of against humanity and persecution that prevent the good and cultured application of the intentions for the democratic economic and cultural development of the freedom and defense of internal security directed to the protection of national human civil rights. The population in Brazil still with evident economic problems and widespread poverty plus the problems in the various administrative sectors and the philosophy of constant improvements and innovations for changes cohesiveness with the processes of fusion and sustainable development and concomitant integrated and systematic resolutions and the customary rights of respect on a monetary level and intellectual and professional property with conscience and private property without suffering the problems of instabilities in the unstable economy and the lack of compliance with laws and treaties, ratified and scientific conventions for the advancement and democratic economic progress of the nation and its inter- international relations and Brazil's potential increased and natural resources respected with empowerment of economic environments evident and the focus on people.
With the intention of forming party politics and executing new projects of economic development and the end of the provincial orthodox moderating Republic that persists in the persecution against the population since 1889, preventing the most modern processes and better methods, as well as quick solutions, unobstructing the old political corruption and the governance and the mafias of the civil service and the partners of companies and corporations of national power and interference of the best and professional capacities of science in higher level and better remuneration and level more quality of life and of the service and work in the offer and demand in the economy of the current global market with a plurality of products and transformation in culture, arts and sports and a new profile and military training for defense and war.
The proposal for a new system of methods at the expense of full coherence and the law , prudence to transfer knowledge and create opportunities in the new administratively superior Brazil and transition the nation to a higher standard at a more homogeneous level at the national level and promote changes in national scientific thinking and population for linguistic and economic understanding and understanding in the most mature profile and better conduct with freedom of speech and expression and the smartest security existing in the system of essential organization and national defense. The economic and administrative art in the various sectors contributing to the most aesthetic conclusions in a beautiful player presentation and female strength with male strength and family and children's security with their personality rights and the appreciation of experiences and the return of national and personal dignity evidenced in the practice and training for competition and the patriotism of their virtues and loves demonstrating the global meanings of aid and the exoneration of nonconformities and the responsibility and culpability of States and governments promptly and immediate interventions that prevent constitutional violations and the honor and human rights of the people and damage to property and crimes of criminal prosecution and terrorism in Brazil and transnational cooperation and border defenses and ethnic restructuring and organization applications of executives and citizens. Recovering citizenship and immigration issues from more impact and genetic preferences of ethnicities and developed nations and democratic work and education at levels for all in more scientific instruction and freedom in teaching and against the dogmatic pseudosciences of religions and inconsistencies and errors of ancient medicine , repressive and backward in public and private systems prioritize the physical and mental economic conditions and the organic constitution and rights of modern forensic sciences and integration into modern systems and better methods of curing diseases in all sectors and the vigilance for continuous improvement and the digital intelligence in modern and future intelligence in the segments and controls and energetic creators and inventors and natural in the technologies of the exact sciences agribusiness and environmental and in the development of the human sciences. The proposal of internationalization and territoriality and customary rights and new studies prioritized the total qualities and personal and professional development liberal and monetary change.
The democratic party is a factor of great importance and executive policy in this integration of politically correct people and populations with plural democratic conscience and freedom in a fusion of seriality and dinner economic work for Development and recognized for the results and always perspectives and international and territorial coalition of the new multidisciplinary and eclectic scientific political party with the factuation and cooperation between them and other economic political observation executives in the world in nations and countries with interrelationship of intentions in professional training and insight of knowledge for the fully more accurate administration and respected cultural customary diversities in value and citizenship. The actresses and actors are us and the economically active population who live and build development with the best performance. In this sense, summarized in these classic words, I convey my national and international interests in a possibility for the organization of relationships and renewal with intellectual standards in accordance with the exact digital present of business and market observation to solve the demands of the best human perfection and in the mitigation and control of criminal acts and deleterios that can interfere adjacent both parallel or perpendicular to terrorist espionage, inprivacy of individual and collective civil political persecution and the thefts and thefts of people's assets and life reserves and preservation of the species in its noble dna and mitigation of discrimination against the development and legal racism and imprudence of governance in federal, state and municipal public powers. In building a new and universal world 🌎 of superior trends and science in time and space in transformation and changes in technologies promoting the present and the future. Being part of this transitional and constitutional real-time tunnel, cinematographic in a player presentation beautiful show for everyone to have the opportunity to be and recognize themselves and in the orders of merits in humanity.

Not Permited :Paternalistic patriarchal Systen Republican Orthodox Colonial Organization and Religious Dogme Christian, No Skull and Bones, No Massonic Secret Society, No comunism socialiste facist Political Party.
System Brazilian ungovernability political party.
Culpability persecución politic groups, peoples, companies, governments, organizations.

Update #49 days ago
EBeautiful decided to help:war,sign the petition,donate and enter for enlistment in NEP-FORMER to change.In the executive economic administrative policy,In the charger of content and science of democracy with conscience and economic standard of the most,in the function of work and science of life,intellectual property and retrospective observation of knowledge applie,discovery,In the agreementwar-business cult rights of intelligence competitive Universal.200 U$ quiquillion STAR/ landscape start.
Update #31 months ago
News projects and improvements .New systems and platforms of methods observation conduct, procedure of more satisfaction generating taxes of compensation in production of the quality of life at all times charger. Establishment Change plus economy of lifelong development, conscious scientific. Compliance with treaties, international conventions, defense and high intelligence, scientific and cultural superiority in arts philosophies of sciences, universal Konwledge, new life of living and having.
Update #21 months ago
The intention here this petition for action position totaling changes against Brazil republican ungovernability and for the acquisition of financial funds to found a political party and new nation and establishment of new democratic economic charger content and capitalist confidence in globalized market.Get as much value as possible 1-2 billion people confirming support. Agree to trigger a process organized in a war compliance business partnership and completely depose the structure Brazilians,
Update #12 months ago
1 Sign that you agree with the petition, read the text and sign.
2 Also to make philanthropic donations, if you agree to help found the political party.
3 Create international partnerships and coalitions in development and economic policy.
4 Be part of the Party after it is founded.
contact the author by email leandrodimitry@hotmail.com
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