Demand an immediate investigation into the A.F.C.C. international head Quarters Located in Madison Wisconsin

  • by: Jennifer Allen
  • recipient: U.S. State And Federal Attorney General

Wisconsin and Globe We must protect children and families from fraud, corruption, case rigging,parental rights violations, placing children in abusers homes for profit, court ordering not certified unnecessary services , intentionally promoting conflict for profit, and other unethical behavior in the family court that has placed children in harms way
“We cannot overstate the importance of citizen participation in our fight against corruption, and we urge all citizens to assist us in this effort.”
Establishment of a public corruption task force in the State of Wisconsin 
Establish a hotline for Wisconsin citizens to call and report family court corruption case rigging and parental rights violations and constitutional rights violations
Wisconsin holds international headquarters of the AFCC
Establishment of a hotline for victims potentially affected by A.F.C.C. potential case rigging, healthcare scams, false billing scams, mortgage fraud, extortion, and other types of misconduct through the State’s publicly funded programs and services.

• A system of organized crime traditionally involving the extortion of
money from businesses by intimidation, violence, or other illegal
• A pattern of illegal activity (such as bribery, extortion, fraud, and
murder) carried out as part of an enterprise (such as a crime
syndicate) that is owned or controlled by those engaged in illegal
activity. See Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act
(RICO) USCA §§1951-1960
-Black’s Law Dictonary

Making Divorce Pay
The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts takes back-scratching to a new level By Michael Volpe
Excerpts "They justify infringing parental rights by using noble-sounding phrases like
“in the best interest of the child” to take away more and more decision-making authority from parents. Americans’ First, Second,Fourth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights seem certain to be trampled routinely, and the reason given will always be because the decision was “in the best interest of the child.”

Afcc member list Global

Excerpts While AFCC is a truly international organization, it began in California in 1963. Its original purpose was to provide continuing, specialized education for judicial officers, attorneys, and mental health professionals working with family court issues. Now there are over 3,700 members of AFCC in approximately 20 countries, and its international headquarters is located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Source list 

Judith Gelernter Reisman, Ph.D. - Laws: B4U-ACT'S 2011 ...
Jun 13, 2012 - B4U-ACT'S 2011 SYMPOSIUM ON PEDOPHILIA, MINOR-ATTRACTED PERSONS ... Written by Judith A. Reisman and Geoffrey B. Strickland.

Conference aims to normalize pedophilia - Dr. Judith Reisman
Aug 15, 2011 - The August 17 Baltimore conference is sponsored by B4U-ACT, a group of pro-pedophile mental health professionals and sympathetic activists  ...

wi afcc b4uact pas purveyors source checks here 

ABOUT AFCC Staff: all pas purveyors see source check here 

AFCC (2010). Guidelines forcourt‐involved therapists. Madison, Wisconsin 

b4uact essay source on board of directors afcc

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) ethical or unethical ?

AFCC seminars on Access/Visitation and Parental Alienation ... Warren Farrell & Joan B. Kelly, also a CRCco-founde


Joan Kelly-- founding member of Children's Rights Council (CRC); founding member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) Michael Lamb,pas and The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

government grant funded ? 

2006 ,(the Mondale Act) of 1973 R.G.+1984=2013gal training 


1989-2013 R.A.G.1992 "CRC "Presidential Library source" 

1993-2014 discredited pas theory corporation called "Collaborative Law"?

pas theory incorporated? part 2

big website pas theory part 1

Source checking " concocted Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) -- a legal defense of child molesters -- as the means to conceal a pedophile "ring" operating through family courts"

Wisconsin parental alienation racketeering? 

Source check on FMSF Scientific and Professional Advisory Board, September, 2002 

International pas theory corporation? part 1 

1988, the Court of Appeals,00,01,13

global pas theory study group member located in Marshfield Wisconsin?

Source check on FMSF Scientific and Professional Advisory Board, September, 2002

Stevens Point parental alienation 2015? New assistant DA in Wisconsin rapids on the list? Warning this site updates and things may change but here is 11-19-15 version

reunification/reintegration parental alienation theory therapy? 

Use of failure to co-parent = parental alienation allegation

 Wis. Psychology examining board has pas theory expert on Board?

 Lacrosse Wisconsin discredited pas theory 2015 ? (Legal Action of Wisconsin?Public defender?)

Milwaukee discredited parental alienation ads( see reading 2015 Legal Action of Wisconsin Inc ?) this site changes this is how it appeared 11-20-15

Madison Wisconsin discredited pas theory ads in 2015 updated (legal action of Wisconsin inc.?)

Oshkosh Wisconsin 2015 updated discredited pas theory ads?(Legal action of Wisconsin?)

 reunification/reintegration parental alienation theory therapy? Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 8:39 PM

by Cindy Ross © July 8, 2002
Excerpts See link
 "AFCC/CRC officials conceal the fact that many of their "experts" are pedophiles and others who promote incest and deviant sex. These people include Richard Gardner, who coined the term PAS, John Money, a sexologist affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, Ralph Underwager and Hollida Wakefield of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and Warren Farrell, a political scientist who advocates "family sex" and "genitally caressing children" in the Penthouse article "Incest, the Last Taboo" (1977). [9]"
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