San Antonio Zoo - Free Lucky the Elephant!

Lucky the Elephant has been held in captivity at the San Antonio Zoo for fifty years. And despite guidelines from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums that state elephants should live with other elephants, she has spent the last three years alone in her enclosure.

Being from San Antonio, I'm appalled that our zoo has treated Lucky this way — and I need your help to help her.

People can no longer take baby Asian elephants from the wild and bring them to live in United States zoos, which is what happened to Lucky. Elephants are extremely social and usually live in huge herds in the wild. They also are known to travel very far looking for food, and need space to wander. Asian elephants that are in captivity tend to exhibit certain behaviors that show the stress of living in their unnatural environments, such as swaying back and forth.

Lucky is approaching the final years of her life and deserves to spend them happy and healthy, not locked in a zoo enclosure and put on display. Please sign my petition and tell the San Antonio Zoo to send Lucky to a reputable sanctuary!
San Antonio Zoo:

For the past three years, despite going against guidelines from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Lucky the elephant has lived alone. Elephants usually live in giant herds, and are very social.

I urge that you move Lucky to a more suitable habitat.

Asian elephants actually aren't allowed to be taken out of the wild and sent to US zoos like they used to be because it's so detrimental to them. Asian elephants need space to roam, as they usually travel very far looking for food. Elephants without this space will exhibit certain behaviors that show the stress their unnatural habitats put on them.

Lucky deserves to live in a habitat that will allow her to live out her last days as a happy elephant, not a lonely one. She should be sent to a sanctuary where she can be around other elephants and have plenty of space to roam around.

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Please do what is right for Lucky. Thank you for your time.


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