Daria 'Is It High School Reunion Already

It has come to my attention that right now a good opportunity has arisen for MTV to once again capitalize on one of there past projects. With teen dramas on a new up swing, the return of 90210 being just the latest in the line ups, it might be a great time to reintroduce one of MTV%u2019s more enduring teen drams. A made for TV movie %u2018Daria: High School Reunion Already?%u2019 would be a great way to finish off that beloved story arc. I know this is about the time you give a slight smile hit the discard button to move on to the next e-mail but please read on. The series had, and still possesses, a strong fan base. The animation is one of the simplest forms so; at lest compared to most of your productions, it%u2019s a cost efficient process. You have all ready done 2 TV movies with Daria this would turn it into a nice trilogy easily boxed up and marked. Add to it the opportunity to finely put together a box set of the 5 year show you could be looking at a nice pay out for what really would be slight effort on the company%u2019s part. Again this is compared to the other productions you have on the books right now. As you know full well the Daria series, when it was on TV, had strong ratings and the critics always seem to have nothing but positive things to say. Its ending in early 2002 was only met by syndication up to (if my research serves me) early 2008. The stories where put together in a way that makes them as relevant to today%u2019s youth as they where in 1997 when Daria started allowing for a whole new audience while bringing back its old fans base at the same time. It wouldn%u2019t take much research and find that there is a market for this idea. I am very confident that there are enough people out there that would love to find out what happened to all our favorite Lawndale high friends and family members. This would also, as I stated before, allow for multiple DVD options movie trilogy box set, the Daria TV series, and the new movie standing alone. At the very least you would make a good buck off the special and might find a demand to put the series on a MTV2 for mat again making yet one more money making pull of a series that has all ready paid its self back several times. I know this is a long shot to say the least and I should be happy if anyone even reads it with a passing interest but I know I am right and this is a great opportunity and you would put a smile on many past MTV fans faces by giving us this one last trip to Lawndale . Give it some thought please.
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