Save Sandro: He deserves the peace and dignity of Sanctuary!

We at Global Sanctuary for Elephants are urgently calling for the relocation of Sandro, the only male Asian elephant within Brazil, from the Sorocaba Zoo to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil (ESB). Sandro's well-being is at stake, and moving him to ESB is crucial to ensuring his chance at physical and emotional recovery.

At 50 years old, Sandro's history as a circus elephant and his subsequent life at Sorocaba Zoo has left him isolated and emotionally and physically compromised. In 2022, the loss of his female companion of 30 years, with whom he never successfully produced offspring, exacerbated his distress. His minuscule yard and dilapidated barn don't allow for proper care or remotely meet the needs of his species. The Public Ministry's recommendation to transfer Sandro to ESB in 2020 reflects the consensus that his best interests lie in a natural sanctuary environment.

Despite the initial acceptance of this recommendation by the city of Sorocaba, the decision was later reversed due to protests from zoo staff; this led to public opposition from those who wanted to keep Sandro where he was for their own viewing pleasure. However, the well-documented response from Elephant Sanctuary Brazil effectively debunked the inaccuracies raised and legally filed against Sandro's transfer.

Sandro's current living conditions are a matter of concern. Due to his reported aggression, the use of a 'bull hook' and circus-era commands continue to be used, according to a past keeper, which perpetuate the traumas of his prior life. Outdated facilities, without a safe area for training, mean the staff use free contact methods which are prohibited in Brazil and also dangerous and known to promote aggression. His housing and management have taken a toll on his physical and mental well-being. Our director's own observation of recent stereotypical behaviors, weight loss, and possible significant foot issues highlight his distress.

Moving Sandro to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil offers a lifeline. ESB's extensive acreage, natural habitat, and holistic individualized care approach will significantly improve his quality of life. Sanctuary will provide space to roam, natural grazing, interaction with other elephants, autonomy, respect, and specialized veterinary care, all of which will address his physical and emotional needs.

Prioritizing Sandro's well-being and supporting his relocation to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil is paramount to his welfare and will allow him to discover what it means to be an elephant. Join us in raising your voice to save Sandro from living out the rest of his life in isolation and distress. Let's ensure his remaining years are marked by compassion, care, and the opportunity to experience the natural life and peaceful retirement he deserves.

Help us save Sandro. Sign this petition now to urge Mayor Rodrigo Maganhato to mandate Sandro be relocated to sanctuary. Together, we can provide Sandro with the chance for a brighter, healthier future at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil.
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