Speak Out for Yellowstone Bison

The largest herd of wild bison left in the world consists of the 5,000 living in Yellowstone National Park. Incredibly, every winter, many of the Yellowstone bison are needlessly captured and sent to slaughter.

Right now, 40 captured bison from the Yellowstone herd could be spared — by moving them to tribal lands where they can roam freely on thousands of acres of native grassland habitat.

The current ship to slaughter program at Yellowstone puts hundreds of wild bison at risk as they wander down from the high plateaus and out of the park in winter months.

Fortunately, the Fort Peck Tribes have the land, facilities, and expertise to host Yellowstone bison and ensure they are healthy, and properly restore these bison onto their lands. A better solution is to allow the bison to be moved to tribal lands, Yellowstone officials just have to say "Yes".

Send a message today to Yellowstone National Park officials, urging approval of the plan for relocating captured Yellowstone bison to the Fort Peck Reservation.

Subject: Please approve the plan to relocate captured Yellowstone bison to the Fort Peck Reservation

Dear Park Officials,

Please finalize the Record of Decision on Yellowstone National Park's plan to quarantine and translocate bison to the Fort Peck Reservation from Yellowstone instead of shipping bison to slaughter. Approving this plan has been delayed far too long, and the future of 40 bison currently being held rely on this decision.

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