We demand Lisa Eldridge be removed from her position as Shelter Manager at Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, Calif

  • by: julie woolaver
  • recipient: Marcia Mayeda, Board of Directors, LA County Animal Control: Governor Jerry Brown, California; Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, California; Mayor Eric Garcetti, LA County; Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, Second District, LA County; Derric Johnson, Ass. Senior De

Carson Animal Care Center is already a high kill shelter, and we had just gotten acting manager Lt. Alonzo Real to start working with us on saving the pitbulls and bully breed dogs when the board of directors hired Ms. Eldridge, who then resumed the shelter's old, inhumane ways.

We, the undersigned, are respectfully demanding that Lisa Eldridge be removed from the post at once. These animals have a right to live, and shelter management in this day and age must be committed to limiting the number of animals put down, not using it as the first option available.

Not only is the shelter now wantonly killing healthy, adoptable dogs at the behest of Ms Eldridge, the staff is also killing some before their state mandated holds are up. As taxpayers, it is our right to demand better for our shelter animals, and we are doing so now. WE DEMAND NEW, HUMANE LEADERSHIP AT C.A.C.C. NOW, and we demand that Lisa Eldridge be held accountable for her actions now and without further ado.

Dear Marcia Mayeda, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and the Board of Supervisors for Los Angeles County, Gov. Brown, Lt Gov. Newsom, Mayor Garcetti, and Asst. Senior Deputy Johnson:

You should all be viewing Carson shelter as being in a crisis status.  Your staff there are wantonly disregarding the law concerning open cooperation with rescues, rescuers and outside tax payers who are stake holders in the shelter system and its actions in Los Angeles County.  Instead, you are business as usual and continue to ignore community outrage at the conduct of this shelter.

Lisa Eldridge has been in her job only since April of this year.  Yet she has killed an unprecedented number of dogs who were adoptable and salvageable when THERE WERE MANY KENNELS OPEN AND AVAILABLE.  She recently killed Noelle, a dog who had $2500 in medical pledges, a dominant breed rescuer with a clean history rescuing from LA County ready to take her to an emergency vet and assume all financial and legal responsiblity for the dog - and Lisa not only killed the dog but her staff openly and blatantly lied to rescuers standing at the doors of the shelter ready to rescue this dog while Lisa killed her behind the gates.

Over 16,000 have now signed the petitition demanding that Eldrige be fired from her job.  We pay the taxes, we pay your salaries and you can no longer ignore us.  Will you honeslty sit there and ignore our outcry? To do so would not be lawful or acceptable.

We will not go way until Lisa Eldridge is terminated.  You have a legal obligation to acknowledge your consituents.

Update #57 years ago
The latest victim, no charges filed or reports made on the POS owners that dumped her in this condition. More dogs found dead in kennels, as well.
Update #47 years ago
https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=510419195797386 This is another horrible death, Eldridge maliciously murdered this girl....with rescues waiting to take her. Eldridge lied, hid her, then killed her.
Update #37 years ago
This is the RIP Album for Nov. over 100 empty kennels...
Update #27 years ago
There have been 30 dogs either killed, or found dead in their kennels, since October 1st. Lisa Eldridge has also changed the County wide policy of allowing Temperament Tests (for dominant breeds) to be requested over the phone to TT are only allowed to be requested in person, at the shelter. She is also still killing dogs before their holds expire, she is killing highly adoptable dogs and puppies (6 months old and younger) to "make space", with dozens of empty kennels.
Update #17 years ago
Things have progressed to the point where Lisa Eldridge is now killing pregnant dogs, and aborting puppies all the way through pregnancies to fix the mothers, sometimes before killing them, too. She has killed at least three dogs days before their stray hold was even expired.
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