Stop Hobby Lobby from Selling Rabbit Fur!

Please stop the selling of rabbit fur through Hobby Lobby.

Please stop the selling of rabbit fur through Hobby Lobby!

Tens of thousands of rabbits are imprisoned in bare wire cages all over Britain, millions more worldwide, just to be slaughtered for their fur and flesh. Crammed into cages, movement is restricted(so they don`t waste energy) in order to increase their size. These animals will never experience the fresh air, grass under their feet, or even be able to run or jump. Does are on an endless cycle of reproduction - she will be kept for 2 or 3 years of constant pregnancy, during which she may have given birth to over 100 young. Does are often re-bred just 14 days after giving birth, whilst still suckling her young. Infants destined for the meat trade are killed at just 8-10 weeks, and their fur used for low quality products. Those bred specifically for their fur will be killed at 6-7 months. A 10% mortality rate ensures many don`t reach that
stage. Rabbits are transported long distances to specialist `packers` for slaughter. Death usually comes by neck breaking or the throat being slit.. These factory farming conditions result in health problems such as sore hocks, stunted crawling gait and even cannibalism. One visitor to a rabbit farm found `cage after cage of rabbits with no ears` and was told that the mother had chewed them off. Cannibalism results from the stressful and boring conditions, or because the mother cannot provide enough milk for all her young. The restriction of natural behaviours and movement can cause psychological disorders..
Claims that rabbit fur is a by-product of the meat industry
are a total myth. In order to be profitable, the sale of fur and meat are both essential to the farmer. Fur from rabbits killed primarily for their meat is not seen as good quality and will be used for cheap products. Most `high quality` rabbit fur comes from rabbits who are bred specifically for that. Other farms breed the rabbits for animal experiments.. Rabbit meat is often found in tinned pet food. The fur is made into `fun fur` coats, collars and gloves. It is also used to cover `novelty` items such as keyrings, hair products or even pet
I wrote a letter asking them to stop the selling of the rabbit fur and got this letter in return:

My name is Jon Cunningham and I am a buyer for Hobby Lobby.  Thank you
very much for the email concerning the rabbit skins being carried in the
Hobby Lobby stores.  It is always good to hear from a customer
especially when there is a problem.  Without communication from our
customers we would never know if there was a problem.

I also want to thank you for your support of Hobby Lobby in the past and
I hope we will be able to keep you as a customer.

I hope you are able to somehow see that we do base our business on
Christian principles.  Our business is selling craft and hobby supplies
but our goal is to spread the message of Christ to all that come in
contact with Hobby Lobby.  

In all we do we try to base our business on biblical principles and I
don't feel that the carrying of rabbit skins goes against these
principles.  The rabbit skins we use come from Europe.  Rabbits are
raised very much the same way we in the United States raise chickens,
turkeys, cows etc.  They are raised for food.  The rabbits are humanely
killed and the meat is processed for food and the skins are sold to
various companies.  Hobby Lobby being one of those companies. 

Since we try to run our business on biblical principles and teachings we
need to know what the bible says.  Here are a few things the bible says
about mankind using animals for their behalf:

After Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden God Himself made
garments from animal fur to clothe them. 
For the forgiveness of sin God required His people to offer a sacrifice
to Him.  Lambs and doves were among some of the animals that the people
used for sacrifices to God.
After the flood that destroyed everything except Noah and his family and
all the animals that were on the ark God gave Noah two commandments.
"Be fruitful and multiply".  (the easiest commandment to follow)  And
God also told Noah that all the animals were to used by man.  Used not
abused.  They are not there to be tortured but to use for food and
clothing or for medicine as so many are used today.
Out of the 12 disciples that were chosen by Jesus at least 4 of them
were fishermen by trade. 
Jesus fed groups of 4000 and 5000 at a time with fish and bread. 
Later after the death and resurrection of Jesus, He takes time to fix
His disciples breakfast along the shore.  He fixes fish for breakfast. 

Time and time again God used or had man use animals for food, clothing,
or for sacrificing.  The Humane Society and PETA have done some
wonderful things to bring about the awareness of cruelty to animals.  I
pray that they will continue in this in the future.  But I also feel
that God has created the animals for His glory and for our use and that
they should be used in a humane way.

Thanks again for your email.  May God continue to bless you. 

Jon Cunningham
Hobby Lobby

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