Help the Plight of Mak Intan (wife of later Pak Mie) Resquer of 450 abandone/strays dogs and cats in Kedah, Malaysia

  • by: suraya Othman
  • recipient: Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, the Highness King of Kedah, State of Malayisa

We as humanbeing must create awareness to our society and community that the animals are part of creatures created by the Lord of the Universe.  They deserve right granted by them since the Earth were created not only for humanbeing but for all living things created by the Creator.  Animals' right has been endorsed by the world's Nation in the West and yet in Asian countries is unfortunately still lacking enforcement and practice despite moral virtues that it relay to humanity.

Education system must be transformed with educational syllabus covering the animal's aspect of study at all level of education, and learning

A wakeup call to all corporate social service to help contribute to animal resquers independent or NGOs to instil good moral values and real compassion for all common animal cause....becaise they are all community like us! "The Greatness of a Nation and its morale progress is judged in the way animals are treated"..Mahatma Gandhi.....

So lets keep up the spirit of unity, solidarity and diversity by holding human's dignity for sympathy and mercy to all helpless and unspoken Stray defendant like Mak Intan and many others awesome Compassionate of animals in Malaysia and other civilised and progressed Nations..

Suraya Al Faqeer

Persatuan Halfway Home for Furly Strays


We call upon the Prime Minister of Malaysia to use his wisdom, wealth and power to help this poor kindhearted woman Mak Intan who tries to retain what her husband Pak Mei has fought for the right of animals to survive, live and cared for their welfare. She lives in Kedah a state where many muslims were astrange still of strays animals particularly dogs in the light of Islam as a true, beautiful and compassionate religion even to all animals as creatures created by the Lord of the Universe..Allah Most Merciful, Gracious and Wise..
"There is not a moving/living creatures nor a bird that flies with its two wings but are Community like You!..Allah neglected nothing in His Book (the Holy Quran ) to their Lord shall all be gathered..Those who reject Our Verses, Signs, Revelations, Proofs, Evidences etc) are deaf and dumb in the darkness(blind)...The Holy Quran Al An'Am 6:38-39

"The Greatness and morale progress of a Nation is judged in the way animals are treated"..Mahatman Gandhi.
"A good deed done to an animal is like a good deed done to a human being, while cruelty to animals is as bad as cruelty to people"..Hadith Bukhari (Islamic tradition as saying of the Holy Prophet Muhammad pbuh)

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