Tell Jean Pfann, Welfare Funds aren't her Private Playground!

This Blue Jay picture is reminds me of taking flight and being free

Save my Life and Save Tax Dollars!

Sign My Petition Telling Jean Pfann to Resign Now!

~ The blue jay is my personal image of taking upward flight and being free ~

I am Anna Victoria Englund. I am sixty-one and the mother of two young adult daughters. I live in SF Bay Area.

And I am afraid for my life.

My life is at ongoing risk from my sister Jean Pfann who controls my housing and has forced me onto food stamps and to beg for nonfoods in 2012, 2013, and 2014.


Our parents, both gone now, set aside enough funds for all children so no one would have to resort to public assistance, let alone beg! But in 2010 my older sister Jean obtained control of my share of these funds, as well as her own. In 2012 I started asking for access. Instead she argued and fought to keep me in survival mode, obstructing my attempts to get free and work.

My daughters are still in their early 20s. Keeping me begging prevents me from properly supporting or helping them. Jean, who is not a mother, demanded to run their lives too, since they were little.  

This petition is to give me access to my own money to get to a safe place for a fresh start. And to heal from all this.

Jean and her husband Jim Morgan have both the financial motive and the temperament to simply get rid of me. In 2001/2002, I was busy working and raising my daughters, peacefully supporting them in my own community AFTER I’d rejected Jean and Jim’s demands to run my life.

They began a relentless, vicious and unprovoked campaign -- focused first on controlling my housing (through a third party) then undermining my relationships with my daughters, and even with their father. Year after year they violated the most basic human rights. I would move, engage in work to support myself and my daughters, and/or enroll them in school. Jean and/or Jim would object loudly, undermine or sometimes violently reverse it. Others became involved. Repeated disruptions and having to constantly fight my own family for boundaries drove away work. I became marginalized.  

By 2010, ten years later, Jean got control of what our parents had set aside for me (plus her own portion), giving her the tool to finish the job. She is now in “clean-up” and eliminate mode.  In hindsight, it was just about greed.  I am really afraid for my life and for my daughters' lives.

Next in Line: When I am gone, my two daughters inherit, and unless this changes, they also inherit their controlling aunt. I have no question Jean will sweep them both out of the way once they have outlasted their usefulness, or when they start standing up to her in earnest. One already has -- and was treated like trash when she refused to take Jean and Jim’s orders (through a third woman) which they knew they had no legal right to give. As was I. 

Typical Tactics:

In August 2012, Jean took control of my housing over my objections after first trying to get me evicted (extortion works when the stakes are high!) and for fifteen months (August 2012 through October 2013) refused to distribute one cent to me for even basic living expenses (food, phone, or gas). Plenty of funds were available, but she refused to help.  

This also stopped me from helping my daughter who reached out for it in October.  Much later, I learned she'd broke free by running away out of state (at age 19!) choosing homelessness rather than her aunt and uncle’s abuse. My daughter could’ve been trafficked, kidnapped, or have died.  She almost did. Jean’s response in October 2012, was to go suddenly “MIA” for several weeks and say nothing.

By Nov. 2012 I was deliberately forced onto food stamps.

In April 2013, during Jean's insane 15-month siege and attempt to break my will, she again drove away a new work connection I'd just obtained, to pay the bills she refused help me with from my own money (like: food, phone and gas). My car was mysteriously vandalized (twice) and needed repairs.  Jean was more interested in controlling my housing, and wouldn't help for 4 days.  It could've been handled the next day. The group I was working for had a grants deadline that was missed while Jean argued with me. That client and my potential to work for them again, was driven away; while I was actually trying to do the job, I was in trauma.  This pattern is chronic.

In October 2013 I had to fight to extract from her enough of my own money to get to a safe house for only three days, after a frightening experience with stalking, again, while working. She OK'd one day, then returned to arguing.  I gave up in disgust.  I still don’t have resources to flee the area. Jean knows the stalker and was possibly involved.

November 2013: I began even more urgently demanding she resign. She never acknowledged being asked. I demanded 3% of my own funds so I could move. No deal. When she even bothers to respond, she doesn't answer my questions.  She seems incompetent in basic financial concepts (like cash flow, or planning ahead) and is showing more and more signs of just “losing it” upstairs.

April 1, 2014 I asked her again to resign. By April 20th (Easter) in typical fashion -- she hasn’t responded or distributed one cent to me in April, let alone 0.1% PERcent (=one one-thousandth!) of my own money, when she does help.


My sister doesn't care about me, her nieces, or the public.  I do, I want to get free and work again!

Year after year, she and her husband Jim remain obsessed with control of my housing (=of me) and even after they turned 18, their nieces. That’s just “sociopath,” not “concerned relative.” Love has nothing to do with it.

I need to move NOW, so I can work, and no longer beg. I cannot work properly til I am safe. If I don’t and come to harm, my daughters are next.

Jean Pfann hopes no one will notice until it’s too late. Show her you notice.

Tell her to cut it out!

Tell her that every month, week and day she continues forcing me to beg for basics, from the State of California for food, unable to work and plan a future, prevented from properly protecting and supporting my own daughters, you take it personally. You notice.

Tell her you do NOT endorse Public Funds for Private Family Grudges, that your tax dollars aren’t her playground!

Tell her to resign RIGHT NOW from controlling what both my parents intended to help, not to hurt, and to be content with her own portion.

To resign takes a few weeks. Meanwhile she should distribute no less than 3% of my money right now so I can safely quit food stamps and move.

Ask her to give up all plans to control me for the rest of my life. That’s just not going to happen and she needs to acknowledge it.

Please sign and circulate my petition ASAP. This will help save my life.

Let's get 1,500 signatures in 15 days, and save Food Stamps for People without family resources!   

Thank you!

California Drought: Food Banks Drying Up Too ~  President Obama signs $8.7 billion food stamp cut into law. ~  


How many others are in the same situation because of family bullies?  (Just because it's "family" doesn't mean it's legal!)  I know several, and I know how it happens.   These people too are fighting for their lives, and often for some stupid, private family grudge (or greed), passed down the generations and dumped onto public assistance.  Help me get free; I will keep reporting. 

Dear Ms. Pfann:

Looks like someone nearby is wanting to fly far away from you.

I just signed a public petition on (25+ million members) from your sister Victoria, “Tell Jean Pfann, Welfare Funds aren’t her Private Playground.”   Which they aren’t.   

By signing, I agree you should:

Resign RIGHT NOW from controlling the funds that would help Victoria get away from you and return to a functional working life in a safe locationAnd distribute 3% of her funds RIGHT NOW so she can quit food stamps and move.  Away from you and your ongoing control and interferences.   Get a life -- and give hers back.

And commit to work out these details with your sister, RIGHT NOW.  


I do/do not know Victoria personally but   _ _ _ _[finish sentence].

I am/am not a mother or father. _ _ _ _  but [finish sentence].

But why should she have to call out for help on a public petition site?  Why should she have to beg -- is there some point you’re trying to prove here?  Why should California and all US taxpayers support your personal, private agenda to hurt your sister?

What kind of adult can’t take a clear “No!” and “Go!” from another human being with responsibilities to her children, her landlords, her employers, her clients, and her community and other not-Jean-Pfann individuals, like the U.S. taxpayers?  

Victoria is a mother (and it looks like you aren’t).  She has raised a family, she has obviously worked, and she can plan a budget -- but not with you.  She can live and work -- but apparently not within range of you.   She can manage her own cash flow --but obviously not with you on the “planning and authorization” committee.  Not around you.

Do you think food stamps are fun, and people just volunteer to be dependent on them?  Or playing games to force others onto them is amusing?  

I don't.  I'm not at all amused.  

You will be receiving many more letters like mine within the several months. We all hope to hear that you will see the light in this matter.

This petition sheds some light on exactly where I stand.  Food Stamps are for people without family resources**.  By standing between Victoria and those her own resources you are stealing from poor people and the public whose taxes fund programs so they don't have to starve or be homeless. Stop it.

RIGHT NOW: Distribute 3% then resign.  Work out the details with Victoria.  We’ll check back.

Grow up!   Shame on you -- not your sister. 


[Your name] [from:_ _ _ _ _]

**Food Stamps Cuts hitting Millions of Californians Friday (San Jose Mercury News, Oct. 31, 2013.  By Jasmine Brown, California News Service)

"WASHINGTON -- More than four million Californians -- including roughly a quarter of a million people in the Bay Area -- will see cuts in their food stamp benefits starting Friday when a boost included in the 2009 stimulus package expires.

The cuts mean a family of four will receive $632, or $36 less per month in federal food assistance, even as California food costs rise. That is the equivalent of losing roughly 21 individual meals per month based on calculations used by the Department of Agriculture.

As many as one in nine California families receive food benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program -- known as CalFresh in this state -- including 51,000 households in Santa Clara County, 14,000 in San Mateo County, 33,000 in Contra Costa and 62,000 in Alameda County...."


Update #28 years ago
New: See for updates, details, to send feedback, or donate. Barely staving off trauma. Friends can’t help withstand this economic siege. THREE attorneys* vs. ONE woman on food stamps and without income is no fair fight.

[*= my landlord; the atty Jean hired to sanitize this & my other sister Susan Pfann, career attorney at City of Los Angeles (involved in the setup).]*

Keep talking, help me open these closed doors and get Jean OFF, ASAP! Thanks.
Update #18 years ago
THANK YOU for continuing to circulate, tweet, Facebook, & sign my petition!

NEWS: I extended it 6 months to 10/28/14 to keep the pressure on. Only 25 signatures/day gives me hope for a different, longer & safer future. All April, Jean Pfann still too busy with her ceramics, art, yoga, retirement, or ??? to even reply. Pls. tell someone TODAY that the ongoing California-style human rights violation dba "family" has witnesses, because I'm telling her about the petition today.
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