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The Animal Legal Defense Fund is suing the New York Department of Agriculture and three main foie gras producers in an attempt to ban the sale of the coveted duck liver in New York. The product violates New York health laws because, by selling foie gas, companies are arguably selling diseased poultry products to an unsuspecting public.

The culinary delicacy foie gras--the enlarged liver of force-fed ducks and geese--is extremely controversial due to the cruel and painful forcefeeding process. But foie gras isn't just inhumane -- it's illegal. When ducks are forcefed, they develop the liver disease hepatic lipidosis.

New York's health law prohibits the sale of diseased poultry for human consumption, but the New York Department of Agriculture has been letting that detail slide.

Since foie gras is an adulterated and infected product, the Animal Legal Defense Fund seeks to ban it across New York.

Support a ban of the inhumane and unsafe product foie gras in New York!
Dear New York State Supreme Court,

The food product foie gras doesn't just commit blatant animal cruelty, it violates the New York Department of Agriculture's very own health regulations.

The department of agriculture and the three main foie gras producers Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Bella Poultry, and La Belle Farm, are all at fault for distributing a diseased food product. When ducks and geese are drastically forcefed, their livers not only grow to 10 times the normal size, but they develop the liver disease known as hepatic lipidosis.

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No industry should be allowed to market a diseased food product to consumers. Please support the Animal Legal Defense Fund's effort to ban the problematic delicacy from New York's agriculture market.

Stop selling diseased duck livers to New York consumers!

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