Keep the "big" mystery arcs for Veronica Mars

  • by: Andrew Sperling
  • recipient: Rob Thomas, Rob Thomas, creator of Veronica Mars, CWTV
Veronica Mars is the critically acclaimed teen detective show which currently airs on The CW on Tuesdays at 9:00PM EST time. Rob Thomas, creator and producer of the dark and gritty show, has recently stated in an interview with E's Kristen that he is considering canning the "big" mystery arcs (Who killed Lilly Kane?,Who blew up the school bus?, Who's the campus rapist?) and instead focusing on just one "mystery of the week" for pretty much every episode. The long arcs are what make Veronica's viewers love it so much, so we cannot let Thomas change the format of the show any further.

We all saw what happened to critical hit Alias when it dropped the season-long mysteries and went with episodics. It turned from a spectacular work of art to a pile of garbage. Veronica Mars has the potential to do the same, considering The CW is strict on turning our noir show into a stupid, overdone and ridiculously soapy teen-drama.

Thomas may want to earn the show new viewers by having stand alone episodes, but why would it really even work? Sure, viewers may feel more comfortable going into a procedural drama but the when dedicated viewers of the show explain to their friends what the show is about, they can't say "Uhm, well next episode, someone is getting kidnapped! And after that I think this dude is being blackmailed!". Saying "There is a serial rapist on campus...the Dean of the college was murdered and Veronica is trying to solve the mystery" is alot more compelling.

Veronica Mars has reached cult status. Critics highly doubt that would happen had this show been a procedural with each episode having been an episodic in reality.

So please- Rob Thomas- We love you and especially your work. But reward your most dedicated fans with some more quality. The majority of us would definitely prefer a season-long mystery or three/two arcs. We have helped collect fans to keep this show alive, and we have gotten fair payment by seeing great episodes every week. Why stop our "allowance" now when we are working twice as hard to save this show?

And to the readers- Would you really like this to turn into a soapy teen drama with a Veronica and Logan fight every episode? Those can be entertaining once and awhile, but it's not the show we know and love. And to the new viewers- You'll like the noir version tons more than you will the soapy version. Trust me.

Some of you may watch The OC or One Tree Hill and you may like them. But isn't it good to have some variety once in awhile? Veronica Mars can provide that being that is isn't anything like those two shows.

Sign this petition and list reasons for why you love the show. Ask your friends to sign it as well, even if they don't watch the show. I will send this to Rob Thomas through email and mail once completed.

Help keep the quality of VERONICA MARS.
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