If Animals Could Vote - PATH's Eight for 08

People Protecting Animals & Their Habitats - PATH Inc. believes the United States of America can and should become a more humane and compassionate nation. Treating nonhuman animals with compassion not only protects animals, but also benefits humans by improving public health and conserving natural resources. By signing this petition I am informing all candidates seeking elected offices (local, state and national) in 2008 that treating animals with kindness and compassion matters to me and that I support If Animals Could Vote - PATH's Eight for 08!
1. Increasing Government Funding For Spay/Neuter Programs. Due to over population up to 8 million healthy dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States annually. I support increased federal, state and local government funding of spay/neuter programs in order to reduce euthanasia numbers and alleviate animal suffering.

2. Outlawing Canned Hunts. Canned hunting preserves are private hunting grounds that charge customers to shoot exotic and/or native animals within an enclosure.  The animals killed in canned hunts come from breeders, animal dealers, and unethical zoos. The animals often have no fear of people and are shot when they exhibit conditioned behavior (coming to be fed or groomed).  Canned hunting currently takes place in up to 30 states.  I support a federal law banning canned hunts.

3. Treating Farm Animals More Humanely.  Over 9 billion animals are killed annually for human consumption in the United States.  The vast majority of these animals suffer horrific lives within large-scale industrial operations known as factory farms.  I support humane federal animal care standards including increased minimum size of animal enclosures (with access to natural bedding and light) and the banning of gestation crates, battery cages and foie gras production.  I support requiring factory farms meet industrial pollution standards - not the less stringent standards of family farms. 

4. Protecting Animal Habitats.  I support a constitutional amendment forbidding the opening of protected federal lands to exploration, logging, drilling and/or mining, as well as measures that increase the total acreage of protected lands in the United States.  I support federal legislation that (by 2020) will increase and link protected lands in order to establish an unfragmented wildlife corridor spanning from New Mexico to the border of Western Canada.

5. Making Animal Cruelty A Real Crime!  I support laws that mandate jail time for the intentional physical abuse/neglect of nonhuman animals and jail time PLUS the seizure of property (land, homes, vehicles) for animal fighting and/or other organized animal cruelty. 

6. Stopping Global Warming!  Global warming is devastating animal populations by destroying and disrupting ecosystems. I insist the United States take immediate concrete action(s) to stop global warming and protect the people and animals living on our planet.

7. Protecting Animals In Entertainment.  I support legislation that outlaws the removal of any healthy animal from a natural habitat for use in the entertainment industry - including zoos, safari parks and circuses.  I support regulations that provide animals in zoos/safari parks with protection from the elements and spacious, safe and enriching habitats.  I support laws that make it a felony for animals to be transported in vehicles lacking seasonal climate control (a/c, heat) and safety restraints.

8. Phasing Out Animal Research.  Up to 40 million animals are killed or harmed by the testing/research industry every year.  The continued use of animal testing instead of more effective modern technologies endangers public health, delays medical progress and causes immeasurable suffering to the nonhuman animals involved.  I support an immediate ban on all consumer product testing on animals. I support denying federal funding for medical research that does not use an animal harm reduction model (refinement, reduction and replacement) as well as a lifetime ban on federal funding eligibility for researchers/institutions that fail to meet standards that lessen the suffering and discomfort of animals under their supervision.  
If Animals Could Vote - PATH's Eight for 08
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