Premier Daniel Andrews: Create the Great Forest National Park and Protect Our Forests

Stand under one of the tall Mountain Ash trees that cloak Victoria's central highlands and look up. These giants are the tallest flowering trees in the world. Their hollows are home to critically endangered Leadbeater's Possums and Greater Gilders.

Part of the life-giving Great Dividing Range, these magnificent forests are the lungs of our land. They filter the air we breathe and purify the water we drink. They're a pivotal link in a 3,600 kilometre-long lifeline that stretches the length of the Great Dividing Range.

But right now, logging companies are clear-felling these forests – knocking down tree after tree to make copy paper. Our environment laws are not strong enough to stop them.

This can't go on. We must protect these forests by creating the Great Forest National Park. This new park will help save the critically endangered wildlife, protect our precious water catchments and carbon stores and create a wonderful natural playground just an hour from the city.

Sign the petition and ask Premier Daniel Andrews to create the Great Forest National Park and connect and protect 355,000 hectares of tall mountain ash forests in the Central Highlands of Victoria.
Subject: Please create the Great Forest National Park

Dear Premier,

CC: Treasurer, Environment Minister and Agriculture Minister,

The forests of Victoria's Great Dividing Range are an essential source of life. They filter the water we drink and the air we breathe, and are a haven for critically endangered wildlife like the Leadbeater's Possum.

Yet all along the Range, magnificent forests continue to fall. Valued only for their fibre, our forests are being clear-felled, wood-chipped, bulldozed and burnt.

While the Forest Industry Taskforce presents an historic opportunity to secure the future of our forests, your leadership is needed to create the Great Forest National Park and to safeguard Victoria's precious forests.

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