Time is Up Congress: Pass Health Care Reform This Month!

Some in Congress believe the best approach to health care reform legislation is to just start from scratch. But we know this is just Washington code for do nothing, and we simply don't have time to "start over" on health care reform.

We are at a turning point. Do we get the hard-fought health benefits and industry reforms already approved by both chambers of Congress? Or do we let members give in to politics and walk away? It is time for a deadline, and your voice is all that matters. Tell Congress to pass health care this month.

We are out of time on health care reform. Has Congress forgotten the many other challenges -- i.e. climate change and education -- that we must still confront? It's time to pass this bill and MOVE ON.

Tell your representative you expect a health care bill by the end of the month!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I sent you to Washington to fix problems -- and that includes reforming our broken health insurance system, which puts industry profits before my family's health and financial security. I expect you to finish the job you started, and finalize the package of health care reforms already approved by both chambers of Congress to give me peace-of-mind about my health care and real oversight of the insurance industry. Anything less fails to fulfill your promise to give constituents affordable, reliable health coverage.

While there are some differences in the two bills, there are many similar reforms that will benefit me and my family. I urge you to work with your colleagues -- and not against them -- to ensure I will always have access to health coverage no matter if I'm sick, get older, lose my job or hit a rough financial patch. I also expect real oversight of the insurance industry, an insurance exchange where I can easily shop among policies, and measures to cut waste, fraud and abuse.

The benefits I want include:

-- Health insurance that can never be denied to me, even if I have a pre-existing condition.
-- My choice of the same coverage members of Congress get.
-- Help to buy coverage should I lose my job or have less money coming in.
-- Needed preventive care and screenings mammograms, colonoscopies -- covered 100 percent.
-- Real insurance industry reforms, including a rebate if my insurance company uses too much of my premium on their profits and overhead.
-- Tax credits to help local small businesses cover their workers.
-- A Medicare program that doesn't waste my tax dollars, and is there when I need it.
These benefits are real, tangible and needed by people like me. They won't add to our deficit, and reforms will actually cut wasteful health-care spending. Giving up, starting over or simply walking away from health reform will not get me the changes I need, and will not fulfill your promise to give constituents real help from the financial strangle-hold of health insurance companies.

Please work with your colleagues to pass the benefits already approved in the health reform bills, and keep your promise to give constituents like me the help that I need.

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