Demand Michigan Motorists To Be Allowed To Tow A Second Trailer Behind ANY Type Of 5th Wheel Trailer & Not Limited To & Restricted To Commercial Vehicles & 5th Wheel RVs

  • by: Thomas J C
  • recipient: Michigan Legislature, MDOT, State Police, Secretary of State, Taylor, MI

My grandma's ex-neighbor, whom has towed trailers for 50+ years or so, and his father did so, as well, and in fact, his father could back up a 5th wheel camper and a boat trailer attached to the rear of the 5th wheel.

I was told by the Michigan state police on the idea of towing a fifth wheel utility trailer and a bumper-pull utility trailer behind the 5th wheel, and the officer said "No. You can't just haul anything. The front trailer must be a recreational living 5th wheel, and I also saw a guy's post on a sportsman page, where he said he had built himself a 5th wheel utility trailer, to haul his ATVs on, and hitched his boat trailer behind the 5th wheel, and they eventually got stopped but the MDOT, and issued a $125 fine for an "illegal combination" which I feel is a form of discrimination, seeing as the semi-trucks can pull double nationwide with a 5th wheel and a second trailer, and the 5th wheel camper set-up I wanted to tow was in the form of twin utility trailers, with one being a 5th wheel, and the other being a bumper-pull, behind the 5th wheel.

Perhaps all double bumper-pull, and gooseneck/bumper-pull trailer combinations should be banned for safety reasons, however, some sway control hitch companies claim that their hitch makes towing a bumper-pull trailer safer to tow, even than a 5th wheel. So maybe doubles of all kind should be considered, even though the only combinations that should be legal, are fifth wheel of any kind, and bumper-pull of any kind, as long as the second trailer is heavier than, or equal in size and weight, as the 5th wheel.

All states, including those that do not allow tandem trailers of all stable types, including the east coast, where only commercial doubles are allowed, with the exception of Maryland where doubles are already legal, should allow the general public to at least, be able to tow a bumper-pull trailer of any type, behind any type of 5th wheel trailer. It would be the fair thing to do. And possibly the safest thing to do, when towing double.

Think about it. Except for triple trailer semi-trucks, which are basically towing a 5th wheel and two bumper-pull trailers, all other semi-trucks that tow two semi-trailers are a combination of a 5th wheel and a fifth wheel converted into a bumper-pull trailer by a dolly for the second trailer.

I'm going to post this nationwide, as some people who want to travel to Michigan with any type of "stable" 5th wheel/bumper-pull trailer double, may be intrested in this petition, more than with the more risky double bumper-pulls and the gooseneck and bumper-pull combinations.

So, let's stick with 5th wheel/bumper-pull doubles, just as the semi-trucking industry never tows two bumper-pulls, except with triple trailers, which are so dangerous, that they should be banned nationwide.

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