Stop Puppy Mills.

This petition has been started to put an end to puppy mills abusing operations. It has also been started to put an end to pet stores that sell dogs bought from puppy mills and puppy brokers. I want to thank all of you wonderful people in advance for caring and truly making a difference. Please search the net for "Charlemagne's Law". Please view these upcoming bills in New York and support them

AO7766 - Makes it unlawful to conduct excessive breeding of dogs in an uncontrolled manner and location so as to be in a cruel and inhuman manner -

SIGNING THIS PETITION WILL HELP......READ ON! DON'T SHOP AT THE FISH BOWL IN AMITYVILLE, NEW YORK!  DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE ADVERTISING ON THE INTERNET AND NEWSPAPERS. DO NOT BUY PETS OVER THE INTERNET OR THROUGH NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING. PUPPY MILLS DO THAT TO GET AROUND REGULATIONS. They are trying to make the name "PUPPY MILL" sound like it's a nice breeding facility. I went to Washington DC on the 16th of February. I met with several members of congress and their aides about closing down puppy mills and protecting animals. It seems that I would need EVERYONE'S help who reads this petition. Go to website and find out who your local congressman is. You can e-mail them right from the site. Just type in your zip code and it provides you with the template to e-mail. Tell them how you feel about animals and how they suffer. Tell them to support the "PAWS" bill which is coming up to be voted on in a few months. You can even e-mail a picture of you and your pet. You and I are these animals only hope. I was told by a congressional aide that there basically has to be a public out-cry to congress in order for anything to be help, please. If you have a pet and love animals it is in your best interests to do this. Please sign this petition and write in the message box which member of congress you e-mailed. Thank you, friends. AND REMEMBER-DON'T SHOP FOR ANIMALS IN PET STORES OR ONLINE. THEY LIE ABOUT WHERE THEY CAME FROM. I will be presenting this petition to the Secretary Of Agriculture, Mike Johanns, who I have already contacted. AND TO ALL PUPPY MILLERS AND PET STORES WHO BUY FROM MILLS...WE WILL NOT LET OUR BELOVED ANIMALS DIE IN VAIN. IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE YOUR ABUSING AND DISGUSTING "BREEDING" PRACTICES ARE OVER.
Yours truly,
Lorianne La Marca.
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