These Social Pets Suffer When Isolated from Their Species. Pet Stores Should Sell Guinea Pigs in Pairs!

Guinea pigs are incredibly loyal, social animals that grow very attached to their companions, including both human owners and other guinea pigs. But there's simply no substitute for friends of their same species. Companionship with fellow guinea pigs allows them to cuddle, play, and "talk," providing crucial social stimulation and deep emotional bonds.

Many people are unaware of guinea pigs' companionship needs. In fact, it's common for people who don't know better to raise guinea pigs alone - unintentionally leaving these adorable small creatures to suffer and ache from loneliness.

That's why Switzerland has made it illegal to own just one guinea pig, without others of its kin to play and connect with. This is wonderful news that will help countless pets live better, fuller, richer lives. But what about guinea pigs outside of Switzerland?

Sign the petition to urge two of the largest pet stores in the U.S., Petco and PetSmart, to educate pet parents about these animals' needs and to only sell guinea pigs in pairs!

When guinea pigs are unlucky enough to lose a partner or companion, they immediately begin to suffer, and quickly need to have a new playmate found for them. This is true for the animals at every stage and age of their lives.

It makes sense, then, that Switzerland has classified guinea pigs as "social animals" - unlike hamsters, which are loners that should not be kept alongside others of their kind. The country's Animal Protection Ordinance specifies that social animals must not be kept in isolation, and must have ample opportunity to connect with others of their same species.

In fact, having a fellow guinea pig friend is so important, one animal lover in Switzerland even runs a service to help find companions for lonely pet guinea pigs. Priska Küng is careful to analyze the animals' temperaments to ensure they get along. And she's becoming so successful that her services are now in high demand!

If guinea pig owners already have one such pet at home, it makes sense that they would only need to adopt one other animal to create a full home. But for new guinea pig pet parents, they should not be allowed to buy just one single animal. That's why we're calling on PetSmart and Petco to educate pet owners about guinea pigs' needs for social companionship, and to only sell guinea pigs in pairs to new owners! Sign the petition to stand up for animals' needs.
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