Stop torture of human animal: stop torture by police for evidence, for entertainment, for entrapment

  • by: Jan Sam
  • recipient: rcmp/grc/policing forces

using aliases : victims reported missing

details about recent torture on westcoast B.C.: sscoast.

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Update #5about a year ago
lawyers sought for various tasks eg. illegal detention, indefinite detention....

infoways used to attack complainants, people commenting are harassed and tortured with illegal computer firearms and the like.

Update #44 years ago
Interrogation is reprisal taken for self defensive action? All participate in dirty talk, violent commentary, suggest violence and filthiness to sexualize talk. It is often disguised eg”A comment of “ careful” is a threat of initiating violence. Threats include socks stolen, a fire and spark substance on clothing, food poisoning etc. Mind reading is casual and the interrogation on gpsst/wifry system etc. ttbombk is diabolical. On 29th, a bombing. Victims were claimed to be commies.
Update #34 years ago
My knees are likely permanently crippled now and i am unable to walk especially on the left leg; the knee is not functioning because some sfu, ubc, vcc, u of a , lu and related goofuses decided to use me without my consent. Crippling someone is nothing to these so called 'freedom fighterss” mostly true believers of usa so caltled anti terrorism projekts . During this period Kissingers depopulation plans were realized and countless peoples from all over the world were murdered here on sscoast.
Update #24 years ago
29/03 there was bombing” victims were commies. 04/01 4:00 am after getting out of my bath , i was questioned by a cop that had walked into the dwelling. No search warrant, concern for me could only be sarcastic. Many digs at my sexuality were made before, during and after No id was shown. The police are ttbombk flaunting power & violence by murdering rampages directed at left leaning peoples without indicating any contraventions of any kind ,no search warrants, no charges, no trials etc.
Update #14 years ago
The government has acted like the bill c51 exists already throughout its reign. in fact, harpers helpers have behaved like central american fascists. whether harper himself is a puppet is not entirely clear; one hopes he is just dumb and doesn't back all the diabolical violence manifested during his reign. Nevertheless, it is evil to ignore the issue of missing in Canada. There is evidence that there has been an organized, premeditated attempt to eliminate left of fascist/eugenics ideas.
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