Protect Michigan Wolves and Speak Up for Your Rights

Since losing federal protection last year, hundreds of wolves in Minnesota and Wisconsin were shot, snared, trapped or otherwise killed. Now Michigan wolves are facing a new threat: the Michigan state legislature.

More than 250,000 Michigan voters signed petitions in support of a referendum against trophy hunting of Michigan wolves.

In what can only be described as an outlandish response, state legislators introduced bills to defeat the referendum effort and give unprecedented authority over Michigan's wildlife to an unelected agency. This legislation would put all power in the hands of the Michigan Natural Resources Commission -- the agency bureaucrats could open a new hunting season on any species without public input, and there would be no way for voters to intervene.

The House could vote on H.B. 4552 any day.

Take action today: Tell the Michigan House of Representatives not to take away the rights of Michigan voters and to protect gray wolves against unchecked hunting.
Dear [Representative],

As your constituent, I urge you to vote "no" on House Bill 4552.

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This bill would let the Michigan Natural Resources Commission add animals to the list of game species to be sport hunted, eliminating important checks and balances under current policy. Right now citizens can utilize the referendum process in the legislature to ensure the voices of voters are heard.

As someone who cares about wildlife protection, I don't want an unelected commission to make major wildlife-management decisions without any check by representative government.

No matter what you think about the referendum on wolf hunting, as an elected representative of the people of Michigan, you have an obligation to allow Michigan voters to have a meaningful vote on this issue. H.B. 4552 would prevent full, open and meaningful debate on the merits of the issue of hunting wolves in Michigan.

I urge you to vote "no" on H.B. 4552. Give me and every other voter in Michigan a right to vote in keeping with Michigan's long tradition of citizen engagement.


[Your name]
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