Add Poland as a civilization in future versions of Civilization games.

We, the Undersigned civ-players, would like to see Poland as one of the playable civilizations in future versions of this great game, by many of us regarded as best computer game ever created.

We, the Undersigned civ-players, would like to see Poland as one of the playable civilizations in future versions of this great game, by many of us regarded as best computer game ever created.

Some of our arguments follow:

Game-related arguments:
1. Western Europe is over-represented in Civilization games, in Civ4 there are following civilizations from western Europe: Spain, France, England, Germany, Rome, Vikings. From Central and Eastern Europe, there is only Russia.
2. Polish players community already developed a fully-functional mod with: unique unit - Heavy Hussar, building - Sejmik, two leaders (with animated leader heads):
Casimir III the Great , John III Sobieski ,
Polish sounds for units and Polish music for leaders. Mod was originally created for Civ3, then for Civ4 and now is available for Civ4 Warlords.
Mod URL:
The fact that so sophisticated mod was prepared by gamers shows high demand for Polish Civilization.
3. Considering positive feedback on the Civfanatics forums, many players from around the world are missing Polish civilization in Civ4. Adding Poland in future games of Civlization serie might also have positive impact on sales, as there is almost 40 mln Poles in Poland and a further significant number abroad - only in the USA 10 mln citizens have Polish roots.
4. Civ4 was developed with extensive cooperation with the gamers community. The Polish players community offers help in preparation of the Polish Civilization in future games (units, buildings, sounds, graphics), even in translation. Such preparations were made anyway every time a new add-on or patch have been released. This cooperation should minimize the cost of adding new civilization and maximize the return of investment.

History-related arguments:
1. Polish State traces its roots back over 1,000 years.
2. Together with Lithuania Poland formed a Commonwealth that was a superior power in Central and Eastern Europe for several centuries.
3. Polish State was first to ratify a written Constitution in Europe - 3rd May 1791, just after USA (1787) and just before France (3.IX.1791).
4. Poland was the first state in the communistic bloc with free trade union "Solidarność" (Solidarity 24.X.1980) and the first state to hold elections that were not completely controlled by the communists - 4.VI.1989, after that other states followed and communism in Central and Eastern Europe collapsed. Today Poland is part of NATO (since 12.III.1999) and EU (since 1.V.2004).
5. Poland endured a very hard time during World War I and World War II. In the first conflict Polish soil was the battlefield for the main powers, in the Second World War Polish soldiers fought from the very first day of the conflict almost all over the globe untill the last day of war in Europe: in Poland 1939, Battle of Britain 1940, Eastern Front from 1943, Italy (best known battle is Monte Cassino), Middle East 1943-1944, North Africa, Netherlands and Normandy invasion in 1944. After the war, for the next 44 years Poland was again occupied - this time by the Red Army. Apart from tragic history in the 20th century, Poland has had some earlier military achievements, for example: the only state that actually conquered Moscow: Jan Żółkiewski on 28.VIII.1610, Polish king Zygmunt III Waza ( was proclaimed Russian Tzar, Polish troops saved Vienna from the Ottoman Empire - Jan III Sobieski 12.IX.1683, Poland won a war against Soviet Union in 1920, arguably saving Europe from a communistic revolution that could spread to Germany and France.
6. The Polish State gave birth to many Great People (grouped according to civ4 Great People categories):
Mikołaj Kopernik (astronomer)
Maria Skłodowska-Curie (chemist, twice Nobel Prize winner 1903, 1911)
Stefan Banach (mathematician)
Alfred Tarski (mathematician)
Marian Rejewski (mathematician)
Ludwik Zamenhof (doctor, esperanto creator)
Aleksander Wolszczan (astronomer)
Fryderyk Chopin (composer)
Adam Mickiewicz (writer)
Juliusz Słowacki (writer)
Henryk Sienkiewicz (writer, Noble Prize - Literature 1905)
Stanisław Moniuszko (composer)
Witold Lutosławski (composer)
Władysław Reymont (writer, Noble Prize - Literature 1924)
Ignacy Paderewski (composer)
Artur Rubinstein (musician)
Czesław Miłosz (poet, Nobel Prize - Literature 1980)
Wisława Szymborska (poet, Nobel Prize - Literature 1996)
Andrzej Wajda (director)
Roman Polański (director)
Stanisław Lem (science fiction writer)
Tadeusz Kościuszko (Thaddeus Kosciusko) general
Kazimierz Puławski (Casimir Pulaski) general (both were Polish and American generals)
Józef Bem (general)
Władysław Anders (general)
Lech Wałęsa (Solidarity leader, Nobel Prize - Peace 1983)
Saint Jadwiga - (Queen of Poland)
Karol Wojtyła (Pope John Paul II)
Stefan Wyszyński (cardinal, primate during communism)
Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski (economist)
Władysław Grabski (economist)
Leszek Balcerowicz (economist)
Hipolit Cegielski (19th century manufacturer)
Gabriel Słoński (16th century architect)

Some additional data required to include the new civilization:
1. War of the Holy League (1683-1699)
major battle: Battle of Vienna - 1683
2. Polish-Sweden War (1600-1611)
major battle: Battle of Kircholm - 1605
3. Polish-Soviet War (1919-1921):
major battle: Battle of Warsaw (1920)
4.Polish September Campaign 1939 - World War II
major battle: Battle of the Bzura

Greatest period was the 17th century - Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Greatest leader:
John III Sobieski (17th century, king of Poland, leader of Christian Holy League against the Ottoman Empire, victorious in Vienna)

Recent famous leaders:
Lech Wałęsa (political - trade union "Solidarity" leader)
Pope John Paul II (religious - Pope of Roman Catholic Church)

Popular unique unit: Winged Hussars
Husaia units

Taking all those arguments into consideration we would be very grateful for adding Poland as a playable  civilization in future versions of the best Turn Based Game in history - Civilization!
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