Personhood Rights for Animals Part 2

Just to use this one example: Pigs in slaughter facilities suffer horrendously. Male pigs are raped by factory farm personal to collect their sperm so that they can artificially inseminate the female pigs by raping them as well (to save time and money). Dr. Temple Grandin talks about this in her books how the male pigs look at the personal people with distrust and agony. There is no difference between pigs, humans, dogs and other mammals and many other species world wide in sentience and neuronal processing. But humans only give humans (including developmentally regressed humans with same IQ as many animals) the right to habeas corpus because they want to use and abuse animals and call them commodities. To humans animals who are equally sentient to humans are just viewed as objects and mercandise. But in truth there is No difference between a pig, human or dog. We are equally alive and sentient. We feel the exact same pain and emotions. We have the same needs. And that is why I will stand up for the animals for the rest of my life. I will run this petition in consecutive parts until we achieve a world in which animals are given the same rights to physical and emotional protection from government and legal systems as humans receive. 

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