Resign, Ron: Sign to Demand the Immediate Resignation of FL Governor Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis isn't fit to be governor. 

In the midst of a public health crisis that has placed many hospitals in Florida on the verge of collapse, he's busy threatening educators and local governments who are doing everything they can to stop the spread of COVID. He's gone after mask mandates, he doled out vaccines to campaign donors, and he's lied time and again about his failed response to this deadly pandemic.

Over 40,000 Floridians have died. How many of these deaths could have been prevented if we'd had a competent governor in the Sunshine State? How much worse can it get if we keep Ron around? 

We can't wait one more day. Ron DeSantis must resign. Add your voice to help get him out of office, and save lives. 

And it's not just the failed COVID response. DeSantis has passed laws criminalizing protest, he's worked hard to pass voter suppression measures, and implemented laws to survey college students and professors about their political beliefs. 

He's dangerous to public health and to civil liberties. We cannot allow him to harm Floridians any longer. Join the statewide effort calling on Ron DeSantis to step down. 

Take action: Sign Today and demand the immediate resignation of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.
To Florida Governor Ron DeSantis,

We, the undersigned, are writing today to demand your immediate resignation from the governorship. Your tenure has been marked by corruption, incompetence, hostility to civil liberties, and a dangerous commitment to your national political aspirations at the expense of public health.

Your completely failed leadership in responding to COVID-19 is alone sufficient grounds to call for your immediate removal from office. Against the wishes of doctors and even the majority opinion of Florida residents, you have taken aggressive action AGAINST mask mandates, even going so far as to threaten education officials who are engaged in a life or death struggle to protect students from this deadly disease. You have made your strident opposition to commonsense COVID precautions the centerpiece of your strategy; the state's most vulnerable have been made to pay the price with sickness and death.

Despite record hospitilizations, despite surging quarantine numbers among children forced to attend in person school without proper mask mandates, despite failure after failure, you refuse to turn back on your anti-scientific crusade to put yourself before the health of Floridians.

In addition to the catrastrophic failures on COVID, your stint as Governor has been marked by corruption, cronyism and an all out attack on civil liberties and voting rights. Upon taking office, one of your first actions was to oppose the will of Florida voters who sought to re-instate voting rights for formerly incarcerated individuals. And while you did not bother to call an emergency session to address COVID at the beginning of the pandemic, you made passage of the dangerous and antidemocratic HB-1 a top priority, ushering in legislation that criminializes protests and provides liability shields for violent counterprotestors who run over individuals with their cars.

You've gotten yourself booked on Fox News on the basis of your unwavering commitment to xenophobia and illiberalism, and jetted around the country to attend high profile fundraisers while day after day, Floridians suffer from your cruelty and indifference.

Florida cannot afford another month, another week, another day of your failed governorship. It's time for you to go. Now.

Resign Immediately.

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