Investigate Incident of Dog Daycare & Appropriate Charges if Warranted

  • by: Sue Lee
  • recipient: Cookeville Police & Putnam County Sheriff’s Departments

When you leave your pet in a doggy daycare, you rely on that facility to provide good care in your absence. After all, pets are family too, in most cases and deservingly so. When a couple in Tennessee left for vacation, they put their precious pet in what they determined was to be a reliable pet sitting facility. Much to their dismay, they were told that their dog had passed on, something no one who loves their pet wants to hear.

The Cole’s left their precious Fawn at the Best Friends Critter Sitter when they left for a vacation getaway. When they returned, the facility told them “You know, I’m so sorry, but Fawn died.” Of course, the owners were devastated, believing in what they were told, that Fawn died peacefully in her sleep, and that she was buried at the boarding facility. They decided to move on even though they still mourned their loss of Fawn. They tried to ease the pain by adopting another dog and filling their void, and their broken heart.

The couple went to the Putnam County Shelter and were in shock when they saw a dog there that looked exactly like their lost pet. Even more surprising was the apparent liking that the dog took to them instantly. She wagged her tail uncontrollably, kissing their faces relentlessly and didn’t want to leave their sides. This dog, who was in the shelter, recovering with a broken leg, was indeed their dog Fawn.

The Best Friends Critter Sitter would not come clean with what happened to Fawn and the owners of Fawn just want answers. However, if this story is indeed true, the facility needs to be held accountable for whatever happened to the poor dog, why they lied and how they could put a loving family into such dismay and discomfort. If true, what they did is cruel and put the animal and family in undue distress. You can help in this investigation and possible charges by signing and sharing this petition.

Cookeville Police & Putnam County Sheriff’s Departments – Please investigate the Best Friends Critter Sitter facility and find out why a dog left in their care was reported dead to the owners and then placed in the Putnam County Shelter for adoption. The Cole’s left their dog Fawn at the Best Friends Critter Sitter but when they went to pick up their precious pet when they returned home, they were told their dog had died in its sleep. Of course the family was devastated and later decided to look for another precious pet to love. When they entered the Putnam County Shelter, they were devastated but also delighted to find a dog that looked exactly like the pet they dropped off before vacation. Something is not right with this situation and need you to investigate why a healthy dog was dropped off before vacation, later reported dead and then shows up in a shelter. Apparently something happened at the daycare and instead of owning up to it, they lied to the owners were the most devastating news and then tried to get the animal adopted out to another family. It appears there was some type of negligence here and we need you to find out what really went wrong and press charges if warranted. Otherwise, the facility would think it is okay to treat animals in any manner and then lie to the owners. Help get closure and justice for the Cole’s and their sweet Fawn.

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