Demand an End to International Laws and treaties on U.S Soil to abolish Child Support, It Unconstitutional.

  • by: Don't Tread On Me
  • recipient: Men that are deemed cattle or Debtors to contracts or Promissory Notes they never signed or contracted into.

I am concerned because this Single and Separate Organizational Unit that has fooled millions of men into believing that it is An American Law created by our founding fathers that child support is mandatory and it is not. Child Support or Support orders are nothing more than mere Demonstration Projects that ended in 1995,but they are pushing it thru foreign international policies. Especially when there isnt and never was a Marriage Contract between the parents and the State in which they reside. We all know that women are using the monies for Personal Gain,while being with a man,boyfriend fiance or husband who is not the biological father,and receiving funds from that man yet being overly greedy to fraud the system into thinking she needs help. If she can go out and party,indulge in recreational drug use then she can go out their and work to help in the parenting of said child/ren. In Alabama if you were never married never been anything close to the defined word "spouse" and went Separate ways long before any children were born they Force you under Family Law and says that the children shall be treated as if they were in a ceremonial marriage within both parents,well that is impossible. We know that title IV of the Social Security Act has been used as smoke and mirrors when in actuality it is an Private International Organization called the Hague Convention that had formed and implemented treaties in all 50 States of America and that is against the Constitution of our country Article 1 section 10. And also all these support hearings bring presided over by a judge is a void Judgement and the Federal Manual for Child Support chapter 8-20 states that No Judge can preside over these hearings only surrogate judges officers of the courts or court Commissioners, etc. Anyone who is not a Judge. Now this international foreign agreement with the state's are Illegal when it is subjecting American born citizens to it's Laws. It is a destructive entity,not even a governmental agency belonging to this country but our legislation allows them in. They are purposely Depriving men of their Constitutional,and State protected rights as in the Bill Of Rights. The states that have voluntary entered into contracts are getting paid from the Federal government to enforce a many child support cases possible to receive Grants to all the agents of this treaty,from the judges down to the sheriff office,including DHR or your local county attorney's. They all have a conflict of interest and since they are all an corporation they can be sued under 45 U s.c 1983. The Solution is to allow men to be fathers not cause them grief and suffering. Some men want to do for their offspring and some want to provide for their offspring but to deny and deprive us of Life Liberty or property. We want to put an end to being forced into the poor house.

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