SOS! Human rights violations, tortures in Germany, etc.

  • by: Irina Wickholm
  • recipient: To undermentioned officials, to competent authorities and to human rights organizations...

I am compelled to address to You for the help and support in the tragic situation :

My human rights - from 1987 and till now - were violated repeatedly by the authorities of Russia. I have been compelled actually to run away from Russia in Finland, because I was pursued by the authorities of Russia and special services - KGB (FSB).

But earlier Finnish consulate groundlessly has refused to give me the entry visa; and has refused to explain reasons of refusal, in spite of the fact that I am a wife of a Finland citizen (though I had there no constant residence permit) and there was my property and a cat - by it they also have violated my rights in turn.

Therefore I have arrived to Germany - by transit, with Spain visa.  Because of the circumstances, I have been compelled to linger in Germany (and I`ve lived in Germany since 2003 without quitting the place)....

There was no other way out, except as how to seek asylum and the help in restoration of my rights.

I had applied to German advocates, to organizations in Germany in seeking of: asylum; helping in restoring my violated rights (in due time) - on account of my human rights violations by Russian and Finnish authorities. But they all intentionally deluded me . They told me, that Russians are not given asylum in Germany, and recommended to wait for the changes in German immigration laws (that would supposedly improve my situation), that were to be adopted soon. They advised me to settle down “as everybody does” - illegally. When the changes were adopted, I was told that the laws made my situation worse. All officials began recommending me (verbally ) to leave Germany and to seek for asylum in any other country.

Then I began to apply to different instances with demanding written explanations. In reply they began psycho terror and “driving me out” from the country. When I decided to appeal to international instances, they have arranged a conflict situation, which prevented me from doing that ; police interfered.

I was put in prison. My application for asylum (which I asked to pass to another country) was “examined” with gross violation of standards of law : they didn`t give me any possibility to appeal against any decisions ; they refused to give me a lawyer and an interpreter ; and didn`t give me any materials of affairs , any answers to my numerous applications and so on.

In prison they scoffed me by methods of fascism (as I`ve understood the methods of fascism exist and are employed by German authorities). They subjected me to tortures: I was subjected to beatings up sadistically, they deprived me of sleep, subjected me to super-cooling, deprived me of access to toilet when was necessary, they shackled me by handcuffs in uncomfortable pose, immobilizing for a long time without movement, deprived me of access to fresh air, of walks, they poisoned me by psychotropic means from BND, didn’t give necessary medical aid, intentionally did harm and sufferings, didn’t give me opportunity to make a call to official instances at work time; I was put into psychiatric hospital under compulsion and so on and so forth.

Тhe German authorities intentionally pursued me including by means of retaliatory psychiatry, created numerous provocations, "fabricated" proofs - with the purpose: a). creation to me of an image of mentally unhealthy person; b). to prevent restoration of all my human rights – in Russia and other; c). to accelerate and justify my illegal dispatch from the country; d). to reject all my lawful charges and requirements in their address; f). etc.

In Germany, its authorities deliberately deprived me of two pregnancies. I on myself personally was convinced, how «humane» German officials protect motherhood - they protect by any methods - from those foreigners who want to have a child but who are undesirable in the country:

A). Earlier the gynecologist (which was recommended to me by the German organization for foreigners affairs) to which I addressed for elimination of the problems, which hinder pregnancy occurrence, has written out to me a tablets - contraceptive. Which I long drank - without results (because of bad knowledge of German language I could not in time translate the annotation to tablets).

B). Germany's Special services - BND - have arranged to me a "strange" situation and calumniated me - that I, ostensibly, tried to commit suicide, and forcibly have placed into psychiatric hospital, when i was pregnant. Where they got rid of my pregnancy, undesirable to "someone", with special sophistication. During my stay in hospital I was infected by doctors by something, what caused a strong cystitis (arisen without any prerequisites described in the medical directory), which has begun very artfully - that day when I left hospital. And at my timely appeal to the German Red Cross and to "humanitarian doctors" with the request for carrying out to me less traumatic abortion - by tablets (because of material problems); they have refused to help me.

C). Much later, when I was pregnant again, I was beaten by German policemen, they have again placed me in prison, they scoffed, used tortures. Because of that I have lost premature baby - pregnancy , and they have not rendered me any medical aid.

After I was deprived of two pregnancies, brutal German authorities, "from a tacit consent" of “Humane” A. Merkel and H. Köhler, also deprived me of my kitten . Earlier, one of brutal German policemen, illegally has infringed inviolability of my dwelling, has kicked my kitten Marchello, having flung away him. Afterwards my kitten was ill for a long time because of his actions.

During my repeated illegal arrest and placement me into prison, the policemen took from me my beloved pet - my kitten. At the police station, where I was brought, the policemen refused to give me an opportunity (a sheet of paper, a pen) to write an application concerning my kitten (to whom it should be given). Mocking at me, humiliating my human dignity, the policemen told spitefully that:

a). they don't need my written application- they will not accept it at all ;

b). them my opinion doesn't interest; they will solve my cat’s destiny themselves - send it in "Shelter for Animals", where it will be gelded and sold to other people and so on and so forth.

Workers of German's Prison, with all their might (by Nazi manners) tried to injure me as much as possible - to give more of pain and sufferings: have deprived me of the possibility to find out about my kitten’s fate and to make the decision myself, take any protective measures; they constantly intentionally refused to give me opportunity to make a call to "Animals orphanage", to the Head of Police of Berlin and to others - during work hours of these official organizations. Gloatingly playing with my feelings and sufferings on account of lack of any information about my beloved pet…

I believe in God, but I was forbidden to visit prison church . My case - «fascist» crimes of the German authorities - it is far not the first... In prison I was an eye-witness of human rights violation of other foreigners .

It is clear to any layman, that it was organized and co-ordinated by special services and authorities of high level (BND) - from the level of Chancellor A. Merkel and President H. Köhler. I have irrefutable proofs in my documents (also it is  conspicuous interrelation and interdependence A.Merkel and H.Keller with special services - BND and FSB):

A). Without having received any answers to my numerous applications and complaints to the Courts, to Chiefs of Departments on affairs of foreigners and migration, to the Police Management, to the Public Prosecutors etc., I have been compelled to appeal to the last highest authorities of Germany - to famous «human rights defender» - Angela Merkel, and to «the guarantor of the Constitution observance» - to President Horst Koehler.

Вut "humane" A. Merkel didn`t answer to my application from 14 Feb 2008 - she "wasn't worried" about disgrace in the field of human rights observance in her own State and gross , brutal violations of my human rights , "fascist" scoffing of German officials..... .

B). The answer to my repeated complaint ( 14 Feb- 15 March 2008…)  to A. Merkel and to «the guarantor of the Constitution observance» - President of Germany H. Köhler , or rather - as a response from them – I was unlawfully forcedly  deported . Not in Finland - to my husband , or in other safe country for me, but in Russia.

Where I for a long time ago (from 2005) have been written out from register of my former residence - there is no place where I can live .

It in spite of the fact that in territory of Germany I have arrived from Finland , and not from Russia ; with the Spanish visa !!! Despite numerous infringements of my human rights in Russia and pursuing me by Russian authorities and FSB , these facts was confirmed by my official documents !!!

Russian consulate in Berlin has given out to policemen "reentry certificate to the RF" for me on the basis not the valid document - my passport, which already was void some years .

The most important thing - to this day I cannot get from German authorities :

a). answers to all my applications and the materials of cases (I can`t appeal against the decisions, because I don`t know their content); b). the return of my pet- the kitten, which was taken from me by German dregs in police uniform; c). the return of all my material values, money, documents and so on ( they are kept by workers of law-enforcement agencies); d). and so on and so forth.

For example, workers of German law enforcement bodies confiscated from me and  don't  give back till now, among others, also my documents,  important  for restoration  my violated human rights in courts, including in ЕСHR. And also the documents which directly concerned   Russia's president  Vladimir Putin: beginning from copies of my statements to Putin about crimes of his subordinates concerning me (including employees of FSB), about corruption and collective cover-up of crimes; and so on.

In other words, the German authorities led by Сhancellor and the President have purposely deprived me important proofs of personal  participation of Russia's President Putin and of the other high ranks from FSB in violations of my human rights and in crimes toward me!!!

It is one more proof of that Angela Merkel and Horst Keller (together with subordinates) have executed concerning me the "government order"of FSB and of personally Putin - their "great friend". Obviously, not in vain intelligence officer - Putin engaged in espionage earlier in Germany - it is likely that, he enlisted even the country leaders?!

But there can be Chancellor A. Merkel and the President of Germany H.Koehler, together with subordinates - all of them together don't know what, non-granting of answers, failure to take measures, concealment of infringements - all it is a crimes and infringements of human rights (according to internal and international laws) ?!

"Humane" Angela Merkel, the German President H. Köhler  with "flock" of brutal subordinates   "re-placed" me in to torturous living conditions,  despite the fact that, they perfectly know and understand  the inhumanity and illegality of their actions: - I am in a bad health state. I don`t have opportunity to get sufficient free medical help ; - I don`t have definite place of residence, job ; - I don`t have means of subsistence, any documents to prove my identity, different legal and other documents ; - I don`t have opportunity to get qualified juridical help requiring payment, and I was denied free legal help ; - I don`t have access to reliable information and justice ; - I don`t have possibility to avail myself of professional interpreters` service and so on.

For these interdependent reasons (situation is - closed circle) any remedies of law are inaccessible to me now - there is no any possibility of their using.  As a result, «De facto» - was created a hopeless situation (an impasse) for me , when all means of legal defense are exhausted.

Therefore I have been compelled to ask helping from  the international public (from some – repeatedly) – from: UN, PACE, EU, EC, etc., human right organizations...

But on my written statements for some reason till now haven't answered and haven't accepted any measures, showing double standards: Navanethem Pillay; Ban Ki-moon; Jerzy Buzek; Barack Obama; Philip Crowley; Thomas Hammarberg; Catherine Ashton; Muriel Guin; Jose Barroso; Nicolas Sarkozy; Heidi Hautala; Thorbjorn Jagland; Herman Van Rompuy; Nikiforos Diamandouros; Riina Kionka; Antonio Guterres; Lee Myung-bak; Mevlüt Cavusoglu; Christian Woolf; Horst Korhler; Angela Merkel; Markus Löning; Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger; Elmar Brok;  Guido Westerwelle; Mariluise Beck; the authorities of: Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland, Finland, Russia; Amnesty International; OMCT; Нuman Rights Watch; FIDH; INTERIGHTS; IBA; HRI; TLHR Commission; HLI; Moskow Helsinki Group; also many other well-known representatives of the international public and human rights organizations …

I think, world community must know about all the cases of “double standards” and about crimes! And also, in my opinion, it is necessary to expose cases when famous international public figures work «on a pointer» and under management of intelligence services of Russia!

Therefore I ask You to help me – by Yours signatures of this petition - to restore all my infringed human rights….

And to help me get answers from aforesaid heartless corrupt officials, from ostensibly "human rights activists", who also perpetrate crimes by their immoral deeds, and by their inactivity - by non-acceptance of measures! 

Yours faithfully and hope of support.  Wickholm Irina.                 In more details, with official documents, Russian-English:                                


I ask You:

1.   Answer on the statements of Irina Wickholm,  which  You received from she and  to take measures on the requests stated in all of them.

2. Actuate all  the mechanisms of international defense in the sphere of human rights and animals protection, for exerting pressure upon the officials, who violate human rights and don`t observe international standards.

3.  To help for Irina Wickholm  to get access to  justice from authorities of  Germany, Russia and Finland.

4. To help Irina Wickholm  to restore all infringed human rights.

5.  Help to return the cat who has been selected by German policemen.

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Thank you for considering my comments.

Sincerely,  [Your Name]



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